December 2, 2021
Countywide Chambers of Commerce Survey
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Shop.Eat.Spend.Kitsap Urges County to Shop Local
Holiday shopping is in full swing and Shop.Eat.Spend.Kitsap knows where to find those perfect gifts. Check out the newly-released Pets, Infants & Toddlers, Children & Teens Gift Guide and stay tuned for more gift guides coming this month!

If your business is hosting a Facebook Live event this month and would like to be featured, please contact Aljolynn Sperber to add your event to the promotion lists. Or add your events to the website HERE.
Improve Your Holiday Marketing with 31+
Social Media Posts
Have you ever noticed how retail goes straight from one holiday to the next? One of the reasons for that is because holidays are lucrative for them. People love celebrating. As one holiday’s items go on clearance, the next one is already on the shelves. Never is that more evident than in the fall and early winter where a blur of holidays keeps retailers busy.

Not only is it good for the shelves but it can be good for your social media as well. Even if you're not a business that caters to holidays or has holiday products and services, you can still get into the holiday vibe through social media. Holidays are a common thing for people to talk about and you can get quite a bit of interaction and exchange with holiday posts. The content during these times practically writes itself.

WHA Provides Guidance on Laws that Impact Business
With 2022 just around the corner, new laws are headed our way that could impact local businesses. The Washington Hospitality Association is providing timely updates to the changes that are just weeks away.


Silverdale's December GreenDrinks to Benefit Central Kitsap Food Bank
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