Cindy Silvers
Tending the Nest
Sumi Ink and Watercolor on crinkled Oriental Paper
14" x 18"
Cindy Silvers
Pawleys Island, SC
Artist Website

I discovered art as a personal vocation later in life when I took a college course on Composition and Painting. I fell in love with the flow of paint, the colors, and design. What was intended as a break from the rigors of academics, instead became a calling, and beginning of an exciting journey of creativity. 

As I pursued my studies, I found myself drawn to the oriental focus simplicity and "capturing the essence" of a subject. memories from my childhood in Japan, of the graceful, beautiful brush and ink calligraphy, led to an interest in sumi ink watercolor on oriental paper and is either completed as a traditional watercolor painting, or used in more experimental, mixed media works with acrylic mediums.

Painting provides the language for a visual voice to express, connect, and interact more fully with life. I am fascinated with observing the natural way animals interact with their environment. these interests have led to two related bodies of work: the Natural World, and the symbolic, human, Journey of Life. 

My paintings can be seen at Island Art Gallery in Pawleys Island, S.C. where I am an owner-artist, and on my website: