Silvio Caiozzi's retrospective in San Francisco at The Castro Theatre on November 11th was a total hit! I am truly grateful to everyone that attended the event and to all of you that helped make it possible.

Producing this event proved to me that San Francisco has not lost its intrinsic character, its noble spirit that makes it such a unique city. San Francisco is a city of passionate people that are inspired by eccentrics and that will find a way to make time to support projects that start out as a vision, turn into a dream, and end up materializing to make our city culturally diverse, a place for artistic expression, a vehicle for social change, and a place of countless film festivals.

San Francisco and Chile share common history that goes back to the Gold Rush. They both have similar geography, both enjoy Mediterranean weather, and both produce fine wines. But what is rarely mentioned is that both share a reverence for poets. Chile and San Francisco share a common soul, the soul of a poet.

The realm of poetry emanates from inspiration and it cannot be tied down by practical concerns. Over and over again, I've proven to myself that when you salute the poetic aspect of life, fearlessly, you allow the universal forces of nature to work with you so that creativity flows.

At a time when absolutely everything is about money, it is important to remember that it dignifies one to give generously. Giving, specially giving your time to help others, is the strongest ammunition against the greed that is chocking us at every level of our existence.

Thank you to so many that made a contribution by devoting a bit of your precious time, specially so many of you great women that not only took your time to listen but that also took action.

A special thank you to friends that saved the day: Cecilia Tello, Ricardo y Marci Valdivieso, Laura Fraenza, Francisco Recabarren, Lizzie Brown-Jeremi, Pia Amunátegui, and to the Consul General of Chile in San Francisco, Guillermo Martinez and his wife Eliane Ache.

Again, thank you for the privilege of working towards something that I hope makes a difference by presenting the work of an artist and by building community. Next week, on December 5th, Silvio Caiozzi's film ...And Suddenly the Dawn will be presented in Los Angeles to the Academy's foreign-language committee and to members of the press. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it gets nominated!

Paula Tejeda
Chile Lindo
Press in Chile
Publicist: Patricio Olavarria
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Unforgettable moments caught by San Francisco Documentary Photographer par excellence Dennis Hearne. ¡Gracias Dennis!

(left to right) Deputy Consul General of Peru in San Francisco, Luis Andrés García, Deputy Consul General of Peru in San Francisco, Fernando Mayta, Silvio Caiozzi, Producer Cine Chileno in San Francisco, Paula Tejeda, Consul General of Chile in San Francisco, Guillermo Martinez and his charming Brazilian wife Eliane Ache, Skyline Productions founder Mauricio Bertín and his lovely wife Pamela Alarcón.
My mother, Paulina Rieloff Nielsen, flew in from New York City for the occasion.
(left to right) Waldo Moraga, Andrea Zuckermann (Chilean actress flew in from LA), Euclides Pagan, Paulina Rieloff Nielsen, Silvio Caiozzi.
(left to right) Andrea Zuckermann, Silvio Caiozzi, and Pia Fernandez Amunátegui.
Photo: Courtesy of Pia Fernandez Amunátegui

Laura Fraenza, Curator SF Arts Monthly and Silvio Caiozzi.
(left to right) Fernando Gabella, Silvio Caiozzi, Francisco Recabarren.

Thank you Francisco for showing Silvio around town and taking him to the must see places like The Buena Vista for Irish Coffee.

Partnering with Stookey's Club Moderne was truly one of the highlights of this production. Thank you for setting up your pop-up bar at the Castro Theatre, for promoting the event in your newsletter, and for all the fun Pisco Sour Cocktail Hours at the classiest, one and only Art Deco Cocktail Lounge in town!

(left to right) Aaron Cole, Tim Stookey, and Leslie Cole.
Photo: Courtesy of Pia Fernandez Amunátegui.

Thank you Richard! Okiuye!

Nothing better than working with Richard and having the peace of mind that comes from knowing that he's in charge.

(left to right) Richard Okiuye, President at Leftwich Event Specialists, Inc. and Miles Walls, Art Director, Paula Deen Magazine at Hoffman Media.

Chile Lindo Catering
Photos: courtesy of Leftwich Event Specialists Inc.
Chile Lindo team Ana Juarez and Vidalia Gonzalez
Thank you Gordon Edgar, cheese monger at Rainbow Groceries
Chile Lindo catering
Thank you Juan Antonio Perez, Territory Manager at The Winebow Group.
Thank you Charlie O'Connell, Founder & Head of Sales Frisco Brandy.
Thank you Guisell Osorio of Sabores del Sur for your donation of Alfajores!

Your donation to Cine Chileno in San Francisco will help me reduce the budget gap for this year's production.

Donations of every size count and will help me get this production out of the RED!

TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations can be made through my Fiscal Agent Fractured Atlas.

¡Muchas gracias!
Fractured Atlas is a 501(c)(3) public charity. Contributions for the purposes of Cine Chileno in San Francisco are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Fractured Atlas's fiscal sponsorship program helps artists and arts organizations raise money from charitable sources.

Thank you so much!

$500 - $1000

  • The Isabel Allende Foundation
  • Dr. Luisa Hansen
  • Chile California Council
  • Vivianne Ratinoff

$10 - $100

  • Diana Venegas
  • Helen Norris
  • Isabel Valdes
  • Katia Fuentes
  • Paola Carvajal
  • Sharon Miller
  • Ann Murray Yavar
  • Anonymous Donor

Thank you to the Chile California Council for your support of Cine Chileno in San Francisco
I want to extend my sincere gratitude to Lovell (Tu) Jarvis, Chairman of the Board, as well as to the Executive Committee of the Chile California Council, for their generous donation to Cine Chileno in San Francisco.

"The Chile-California Council is an international non-profit organization that promotes mutually beneficial relationships and knowledge sharing between Chile and California in both the private and public sectors."

Thank you Marcelo Díaz of Americas Travel for ALL your help!

THANK YOU to our Media Sponsor

Ana Josefa Silva
Film Critic

El Mercurio Newspaper
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Publicista: Patricio Olavarria

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