To Sublet or Not to Sublet

You may have spotted the case of a tenant ordered to repay more than £100,000 in profits he’d made by unlawfully letting the council property he tenanted. It made the headlines because of the eye-watering sums involved, but the detail is also revealing. 
Sim Sekhon: Fight back by finding your niche

When you decided to become a landlord, did you research your target market?
I know that many in property rental are focused, but I suspect that plenty of landlords drifted into the business without clear direction.
Accept no nonsense! You’re not in business to be messed about. When a tenant falls into arrears, you need to take action.

We offer a FREE pre-court-action letter, sent directly to your problem tenants, outlining the situation and putting in black and white what the next steps will be if they don’t vacate your property.

A read for your tenants

A tenant’s guide to deposits

It’s standard practice for a landlord or agent to ask you to pay a deposit when you agree to a tenancy. When you leave the property, providing you haven’t caused any damage to the property or failed to pay your rent or bills, you’ll get the deposit back.
Managing fuel bills as a tenant

With winter on the way, it’s natural to be thinking about the most economical way to heat and light your home. Most of us are aware that the different utility providers have a range of tariffs and that switching is possible. We know insulation measures can cut fuel costs, but as a tenant, what rights do you have to make changes?
We’re delighted to announce that Legal for Landlords has been shortlisted in two categories at this Year’s National LIS Awards held by the National Landlord Investment Show.

  • Best Landlord Legal Services Provider

  • Best Landlord Insurance Provider
High Performers Night Out

On  Friday  we treated our fantastic high performers to a night at  Spooky World UK . Celebrating our amazing staff is what we do best 

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