June has been productive for my team and I. The next few months include new interviews for SimaCohenTV, brand collaborations, charity events, along with workout and cooking workshops. You do not want to miss out on all the fabulous things we have planned just for YOU!

June is also a joyful birthday month for both my daughter and I. I love my daughter, Kayla, and wish her the Happiest 15th Birthday ever! In honor of this celebratory mood, you will be emailed a free gift, my At Home Personal Trainer eGuide, by clicking here to follow my Instagram account! Help us to grow our healthy lifestyle family. Our mission is to inspire, empower, and transform as many lives as we can.

I am proud to feature this energetic, focused, and disciplined 22 year old woman of Calabasas, California. She has lost over 50 pounds and still going! Ava has been training through my SLS PROGRAM for detox, nutrition, training, and coaching. Keep following your dreams and remember that this is your year. #GoAvaGo! 

"I have never felt lighter, stronger, and more fit in my entire life! Not only do I enjoy every delicious meal and snack, but working out with Sima is also fun and exciting! She pushes me to my limits but also encourages and motivates me every day to workout harder and eat smarter. Every week we create a custom meal plan together which makes it simple and easy to stick to. I have learned so much about lifelong fitness and health from Sima."


Being a mother is full time job making sure our children are happy, healthy, and safe. This second testimonial induced humbling tears. My client’s mother, who wrote this letter, is inspiring. I am blessed to learn from all of you.

"When our youngest daughter was involved in a tragic motorcycle accident the fabric of our lives got ripped apart. Due to her traumatic brain injuries she was under an induced coma for two weeks and a subsequent three weeks until she was able to open up her eyes. During the majority of her stay in the ICU and rehab units she was being fed with a g-tube and given very basic nutrients with a base of corn syrup and soy. Due to this she suffered from malnutrition and was very weak. Words cannot describe the amount of thoughtfulness and energy Sima had put to facilitate the recovery of our precious daughter. She truly went beyond the call of duty and acted more than a nutritionist and life couch. She was a huge part of our daughters recovery and we owe her the world for that." - JILLA HASID



My interview, workout, and cooking demonstration with Shirin was a blast! We made my Quinoa Superfood Salad and shared my top 5 tips to become bikini ready. The full video and recipe will be coming soon on Sima Cohen TV and in July 2016. 

“Sima Cohen is the real deal. She is authentic, extremely educated in her field and has great energy. It was a pleasure working with Sima.” - Shirin Yadegar, La Mom Magazine CEO & Founder


I am proud to reveal that I am now DLreVAMP’s ambassador. For the first time they have chosen a trainer and nutritionist to create a 5 Day Post-Detox Workout that will be given away to all of their customers. They ship their whole and healthy detoxes nationwide just for you!

“We’re excited to partner and collaborate with Celebrity Certified Personal Trainer Sima Cohen. With her extensive experience in health and wellness, Cohen brings a wealth of knowledge in mind-body synergy,” - Scott Harris, DL revAMP CEO & Founder


Whole Foods Market and I are working on events in July and August! They are now a proud sponsor of all of my cooking and fitness events. Stay updated on our social media outlets and next newsletter for details on a cooking class in July 2016 in the Los Angeles area!


We are always on the lookout for new and interesting recipes. Send your recipe to with the subject line, “Recipe of the Month” if you would like to be featured in a newsletter and on our social media.

SIMA COHEN TV: BREAKING THROUGH is a one-on-one interview series featuring highly-respected community figures. Each episode discusses how a breakdown led them to a breakthrough, their success in relation to the SLS Method, and provides practical tools for viewers to enjoy immediately. Simplified, straight-forward how-to’s include cooking, fitness, spiritual practices, and more. Have you went through a breakdown and somehow found the light to transform it into a breakthrough? We want to hear your story. Email for a chance to share your experience.

This show is a labor of love and a culmination of 2+ decades of being a student of life. At times it was challenging until I realized that every person, circumstance, and encounter is a lesson formulated to encourage our growth and expansion. Production came with MANY challenges but now I know each episode can only be produced with HIGHER quality. Lesson learned, now on to my beloved mentor, Marianne!


Mentor, world renowned lecturer, 4x New York Times Best Selling Author, and Oprah Winfrey's multi-attending guest. In this episode Marianne discusses how a breakdown can lead to a breakthrough and the importance of meditation. Watch it now and leave us your comments. We look forward to hearing from you!


The next episode of SimaCohenTV features celebrity esthetician, Lea Eigard. She shares her own lessons, how she built a successful business in Beverly Hills, and teaches us how to recreate Eva Longoria's clay mask. This mask has been featured in several TV segments and In Style magazine. 

STM MAY MANTRA: " Hey! It’s summer! Be free and happy and danceful and uninhibited and now-y! " -  Terri Guillemets

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Sima has over 20 years of experience as a  personal trainer and nutritionist armed with decades of first hand experience among world class mentors, teachers, institutions, and a multitude of success stories that will help elevate your life. Her life is dedicated to transforming the lives of others into a whole and balanced lifestyle.