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Shelter Dog Gets the Chance to Earn His Badge!
Simba, a Stockton shelter dog who was born with drive but no outlet or foundation to express that drive in an appropriate manner, was provided an incredible opportunity thanks to SSPA's behavior team.

The foundation that he received in the shelter landed him an amazing opportunity with the San Joaquin Sheriff’s Department, which happened to be looking for a detection dog candidate. We immediately knew who would be the perfect fit - and that entailed a daylong evaluation, including a battery of tests at which Simba excelled.

He recently left the shelter for his one-month training to join the ranks of law enforcement, and his handler feels confident Simba will earn his badge!

The officers remarked about SSPA’s behavioral work, “the training this dog received at the shelter....he is already beyond most of the canines that have been in the program for weeks.”

Huge kudos to our amazing behavior team!

This is yet another example of how our work is saving lives, how all dogs matter to us and how we view all dogs as individuals!

Stay tuned for this rock star dog’s outcome!
Updates on Two Remarkable Survivors
Many of you donated to support Phoenix, the resilient pup who survived a horrific act of animal cruelty in July 2020, in his recovery.

Great news: He has now officially been adopted by his amazing foster, and the perpetrator who burned him has been sentenced to seven years in prison.

Phoenix is thriving emotionally in his foster/adoptive home with his best friend Sassy, pictured. They love to snuggle and sleep together daily. Phoenix also enjoys his toys and running around the house.

However, he continues to have medical issues from the incident, and when he does, due to the amount and degree of the burns he sustained, he crashes. SSPA is looking to support his adopter with Phoenix's long-term medical needs by providing medical insurance; you can help by donating.

Despite all he’s gone through, Phoenix’s undaunted spirit continues to shine and we are so happy that he has found the forever home he deserves and some justice!

A huge thank you to TEAM for fundraising for him, the SSPA foster who took him in and everyone who donated - and continues to donate - toward his care!

Remarkable Phoenix has a brighter future thanks to all of you!
Amazing news: Puppy Finn was officially adopted by his foster today!

Foster/adopter Brooke says, “Finn has officially joined my pack!!! After six months of fostering him - and thanks to TEAM and the community - he’s now forever home!!! He has inspired so many with his strength and resilience at such a young age - and I’ll make sure his future is brighter than ever!!!”

Thank you to TEAM for fundraising for him, his first SSPA foster and his current foster/adopt Brooke for caring for him so wonderfully, and everyone who donated to his care!

A huge congrats to this amazing boy, who has come so far after nearly losing his life from being hit by a car! This is what your donations make happen!
Happy Tails
Puppy Daphne, whom some of you helped name on social media, was recently adopted!

She's learning the ropes of being the apple of a family's eye - and is loving every second of it!

Whether she's checking out deer on her walks or snuggling up, she's filling her family's home with fun, love and joy!

Congratulations Daphne, and thank you Melisa and Mario, for making this wonderful girl part of your family!
Mystery mutt Woodstock (formerly Waffles) is growing up in his forever home!

His adopter Quin recently sent Woodstock's fosters this photo showing his growth, saying, "He is doing great. Getting big. Last visit he was 10 lbs. You gave him a great head start."

Congratulations Woodstock! We can't wait to see how you turn out as you continue to grow up!
These 16 super-cute Stockton pups are among those who found their homes recently!

A huge congratulations to all of these lucky pups and their adopters!
Don’t forget: If you adopted through SSPA, we offer post-adoption counseling to help with your new dog’s transition into your home! Email! You can send "Happy Tails" updates there as well!
We Really Need Fosters!
We can help match you with a pup in need!
Join our life-saving foster team!

Fostering not only saves shelter dogs’ lives; it also brings you so much joy as you watch the dogs start to thrive in your care!

A foster dog can also bring happiness and love into your home that you never knew was missing!

And when they leave for their forever home, it’s one of the most rewarding and wonderful feelings around!

Harper (pictured) desperately needs a new foster as her current foster is going out of town. She needs to stay out of the shelter as she was so stressed being away from people in that noisy environment that she was harming herself.
SSPA can match you with a dog that will fit into your home - and there are so many amazing pups to choose from! Fill out our questionnaire today!
Adoptable Dogs in Foster

Pebble is one very gentle, very sweet and lovely girl.

Foster Sari said, "I wanted to let you know that Pebble is doing great..... You can tell that she has been in a home but she was probably confined to the garage. Every time I say 'let's go to bed' she goes to the garage door, or after we've been in the backyard she'll go to my side garage door. She knows that a dog bed is for her; she loves sprawling out wherever she lays. She was resistant to the crate but now she goes in like a dream."

She’s wonderful!

Ready to make her part of your family?! Fill out an adoption application.

This girl is a dream!

We truly can’t say enough about her – she’s that wonderful!

She’s super-sweet, amazing and gentle in every way!

Layla enjoys the company of gentle and dainty pups in playgroups!

She's been a huge hit on dog day out with everyone falling in-love with this rock star.

She has mammary tumors and we are looking for an adopter who is willing to adopt her and allow her to live her best life.

Ready to bring this wonderful girl home?! Fill out an adoption application.

This wonderful girl has captured all of our hearts, including her new foster's!

Foster Anthony says of this girl: "She's pretty great with no major issues. You guys did a great job training her up! She's super sweet and is a great dog! I'm amazed by how great her temperament is!"

Roxy is house trained, good with children and loves playing in the water!

She’s truly an amazing girl!

Ready to make her part of your family?! Fill out an adoption application.
Lunchbox (LB)

Lunchbox is one fabulous pup - truly a dream dog!

Just look at those puppy dog eyes. They're cute enough to melt anyone's heart!

And he's no just handsome!

He’s great with people, loves getting his play and snuggle on with other pups, and we suspect he might do well with kids!

He'd prefer a home without cats.

He recently landed in a new foster home and fit in immediately and seamlessly with the resident dogs!

Ready to bring this rock star home?! Fill out an adoption application.

Sasha is a very gentle, lovely girl.

When you’re at her level, she’s much more comfy and even playful!

We think she would do well with mannerly children!

She’s shown to be good with gentle and dainty dogs.

Ready to bring her home?! Fill out an adoption application.

This handsome dude is a volunteer favorite!

He takes a little time to warm up to people, so he’s looking for a patient and understanding family.

He could be paired with a well-matched female dog in his new home.

Once you gain his trust, he does zoomies and flops over for belly rubs!

Ready to bring him home?! Fill out an adoption application.

This adorable boy is a dream dog!

He's a rock star in every way. We think he may not be able to hear but that doesn’t stop him from being all-around wonderful!

His favorite thing is to roll over for belly rubs and we think he’d be a great fit for a family with children.

Ready to take in this adorable dude? Fill out an adoption application today!

This little one is finally safe in foster after living on the streets for a while.

She's very sweet and is OK with other dogs.

She's looking for a special adopter who will continue to help her build confidence and work on her fear issues. Her person will need to be patient as she takes some time to acclimate to new people and handling.

A quiet home without young children would be best for her.

Ready to open your heart and home to this girl?! Fill out an adoption application.

Zach is a cutie patootie who's living it up with his foster family and filling their lives with so much joy!

He's a sweet boy who loves to be with people.

He's a medium to lower energy, easy-breezy guy.

Ready to take in this awesome dude? Fill out an adoption application today!
Want to see all adoptable dogs? Visit or!
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