"O what Joy, O what fun, Spring is here, Passover has come!"

This verse, so well-known to all Israeli children, we now hear being sung across the country.

Surely the children do have reason to rejoice - Passover is Spring Holidays - children are out of school for two weeks - they turn off the alarm clock - sleep in late - maybe go to the beach - and enjoy all the things that children love to do.
Family Passover
And the rest of us, what do we do on Passover?  Clean house and go  food shopping? Mostly, yes, but Passover is also a time to visit with  family, and a chance to rekindle friendships. Of course we also enjoy telling the story of our Exodus from Egypt, and the children have a special place at the table. They can ask "Why is this night different? Why do eat these special foods?" --and all the other Why Why Why's kids never stop asking!
So this is our chance, the adults, to tell the story of our people, about the miracles and about God's protection, then, and now. And of course about the Passover lamb, our Messiah Yeshua.
Friday night, under the full Passover moon, here in Israel, and all over the world, our people will gather with family and friends around the decorated table to retell the stories that have been passed down
 through the generations.
This is a great opportunity to wish you all, our extended family in Christ, a joyous Passover Season. 

May our Lord and Savior grant you, and all those who love him, Shalom, Joy and Blessings. To each one of you, may this be a season of Health, Freedom and Renewal.

From the Team at Beit Immanuel