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Jim Vigdor
Director of Government Affairs
Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce
New 2023 California Employment Laws
The CA Legislature passed, and the Governor signed a number of bills into Law that will IMPACT your business in beginning January 1, 2023.

Leaves of Absence

AB 1041 - Expands who an employee can take leave of absence (LOA) to care for adding 1 "designated person" under the CA Family Rights Act (CFRA) and CA paid sick leave law. An employer may limit an employee to 1 designated person in a 12-month period.

AB 1949 - makes bereavement leave a protected LOA. All private employers with 5 or more employees and all public employers must grant bereavement LOA up to 5 days upon the death of a family member (spouse, child, parent, sibling, grandparent, grandchild, domestic partner or parent-in-law). Bereavement LOA may be unpaid; however, employees can opt to use existing vacation, PTO, sick leave, etc. Employers can require documentation and leave must be completed within 3 months of the family member's death.


SB 523 - amends FEHA (Fair Employment & Housing Act) to make unlawful to discriminate against an employee or job applicant based on their "reproductive health decision-making." This includes, but is not limited to, a decision to use or access a particular drug, device, product or medical service for reproductive health.

Pay Scale/Pay Data

SB 1162 - expands CA's pay data requirement to require employers to make pay scale information available to job applicants and employees as well. Employers must provide on request a pay scale to an employee for the position the employee is working. In addition, employers with 15 or more employees must include the pay scale information for a position in any job posting.

It also revises and expands the pay date reporting requirements for employers with 100 or more employees. In addition to reporting the number of employees by race, ethnicity and sex by job-title categories and pay bands, employers must report the median and mean hourly rate within each job category, for each combination of race, ethnicity and sex in the report.

Workplace Safety

SB 1044 - In the event of an emergency, prohibits an employer from taking or threatening adverse action against an employee for refusing to report to or leaving a workplace if the employee has a reasonable belief the workplace is unsafe. Additionally, prohibits an employer from preventing any employee from accessing their mobile device or other communication device to get emergency assistance, assess the safety situation or communicate to verify safety.

Covid-19 related laws

AB 2693 - Employers may now satisfy the notice requirements by prominently displaying a notice in the workplace of the potential exposure. The posted notice must contain the dates on which the Covid case was at the workplace within the infectious period and remain posted 15 days. Removes Employer reporting requirement to Local Health Dept. Expires January 1, 2024.

AB 1751 - Extends the expiration of SB 1159 to January 1, 2024, the rebuttable worker's compensation presumption for employees have contracted Covid as a result of workplace exposure.

Industry-Specific Measures

AB 257 (Fast Food Industry) - creates a 10-member Fast Food Council appointed by the Governor, Speaker of the Assembly & Senate Rules Committee within the Dept of Industrial Relations. This unelected council will establish minimum wages, working hours and other working conditions for Fast Food restaurants.

AB 1601 (Call Center Employers) - Requires affected employers to follow the California Worker Adjustment & Retraining Act requirements prior to relocating a call center to a foreign country. This applies to call centers that employ, or have employed within the preceding 12 months, 75 or more persons.

For more details on these Laws please click on this link: CA Bill Search

2022 Legislative Tracker Online

The Simi Chamber of Commerce works with the United States Chamber of Commerce, CalChamber, the Tri County Chamber Alliance to monitor legislation that we feel has a great impact on the businesses of Simi Valley. In addition, from our conversations in our monthly Legislative Advocacy Forum (you're all welcome to attend) with our Legislators staff members from the Federal Government to the City as well as representatives from Education, Park District and Utilities we gather information on Bills they are working on or following. We also take input from business representatives who attend and advise us of legislation of concern to them.

We select Bills to follow, join coalition letters in support or opposition and at times testify to our position at a Senate or Assembly Committee hearing on a particular piece of legislation. We track the Bills we choose on our "Legislative Tracker." It includes information on the Bill, positions taken and the status of Bills as they move through the government process.

Our 2022 Legislative Tracker is now available for review on the Simi Valley Chamber website under our Legislative Advocacy Forum page.
LAF Legislative Advocacy Forum
The Simi Valley Chamber Legislative Advocacy Forum (LAF) meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month to discuss current legislation and its impact on businesses. Staff from the U.S. Congress, CA State Legislature, County of Ventura, City of Simi Valley, Education and Utilities attend these meetings. Join us for the next meeting on Wednesday, January 25th at 8:00 AM in the Chamber. Zoom link for meeting here.

Legislative Corner
Federal Legislation Tracker
S 2992 - American Innovation and Choice Online Act
Prohibits certain large online platforms from engaging in specified acts including giving preference to own products unfairly limiting competing products. Restricts use of non-public data generated on platform and prohibits restricting access to platform data by activity of competing business user.

S. 1260 - United States Innovation and Competition Act - CHIPS for America Act
Provides funding for FY2022-FY2026 to support U.S. semiconductor manufacturing, research and development, and supply chain security; provides funding for wireless supply chain innovation. Status: Signed by the President into Law

HR 4728 - 32 Hour Work Week Act
Reduces standard work week from 40 hours to 32 hours. Pay overtime passed 32 hour work week. Status: Introduced in the House

HR 963 - FAIR (Forced Arbitration Injustice Repeal) Act of 2022
Prohibits a pre-dispute arbitration agreement from being valid or enforceable if it requires arbitration of an employment, consumer, antitrust, or civil rights dispute. Status: Passed House 222 Aye, 209 No, 1 NVR - Brownley Aye, Garcia No

CA Legislation Tracker
California requires the Legislature to pass any Bills going to the Governor for signature by the end of August and the Governor is required to sign into law or veto any Bills received by the end of September.

To see the details of any Bills in this last legislation, please click on the following link:

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