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As we approach mid-year, it is a great time to reflect on our accomplishments from the first half of 2019 and reaffirm ambitions for the second portion. The pace of the summer months affords an opportunity to focus on the skills and resources needed to meet those objectives.

With that in mind, I want to share how Simier Partners can help you craft customized programs that springboard dynamic growth among the teams, organizations, and business communities we serve. These programs include executive communications trainings, women's executive leadership programs, and cross-cultural leadership coaching, that create lasting impact and pave the way for ongoing leadership development.

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Claire Simier
"The communications skills taught during the training help me bring more value and confidence to every encounter, whether with peers or clients."

- Executive, Professional Services Firm
Collaborating with colleague, Lee Woodruff , to provide custom tailored executive communications training. The trainings focus on building presentation skills, developing effective messaging and framing, and delivery tactics to reach your audience and amplify your presence. The training can be combined with individual or team coaching led by a Simier Partners coach that may include professional assessments and team workshops, and a personalized strategic plan to reach professional goals.
We regularly partner with executives, senior leadership, and boards to create custom programs serving as integral components of larger talent management initiatives and which are aligned with leadership vision and strategy. We build long-term relationships with our clients to support their evolving business and talent development goals over time.
Claire Simier

"As a woman rising in today’s executive workforce, you need every edge you can get. While studies continue to underscore positive correlations between companies with gender diverse leadership teams and profitability, women executives are still far scarcer than their male counterparts. Women executives can create a clear and compelling professional roadmap to pave the way for future growth in executive roles."
July 2019, Claire Simier will participate in the Women Entrepreneur Program hosted annually by BNP Paribas and the Women Initiative Foundation at Stanford U niversity. Handpicked women entrepreneurs from around the world are selected to attend the week-long program based on their experience in growing companies with international reach. The conversation will include women's leadership development and strategies to accelerate business in our global economy.
February 12, 2019,  Claire Simier  spoke at The Women Initiative Foundation’s “ Benefits of Mentoring ” breakfast. Claire shared insights alongside  Patrizia Paterlini Bréchot, founder of  Rarecells Group , about their experience working together within the mentorship program. The WIF mentorship program establishes customized mentoring relationships aimed at helping women executives and entrepreneurs successfully navigate the transatlantic economy. 
February 20, 2019,  Claire Simier  spoke to the  American Chamber of Commerce France Women’s Committee  about critical areas of women’s professional development in an ever-evolving global economy, including effectively communicating with superiors and key stakeholders and managing cross-cultural, generational, and gender challenges. The group discussed common challenges women face in advancing to executive positions and practical strategies they can use to increase their visibility and professional profile to position themselves for success.
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By Jay Harrington
We work with executives who want to hone their skills to become more effective and
influential leaders.
We partner with organizations and individuals to develop and implement solutions to business challenges.
We offer workshops and leadership programs tailored to cultivate effective group dynamics.
We conduct individual and organizational assessments to establish a framework for our coaching and consulting engagements.