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2-Point positioning with built-in controller
IAI’s new ELECYLINDER Electric grippers are 2 position actuators with built-in controllers to replace air actuated cylinders and are set up with just 4 easy steps. They can be configured with the TB-03 teach pendant or even wirelessly.
These cost effective grippers come in 4 variations from 10mm and 28N of force up to 20mm and 360N of force. Best of all, they act just like a 5/2 valve with built-in sensors, with a simple Backward or Forward output and returning Backward and Forward signals, two digital inputs and two digital outputs control and monitor the gripper with ease.

High Force Actuators
When you need greater output force
Fabco-Air offers a full range of actuators for when you need greater output forces.

The NFPA series gives you the convenience of interchangeability. The Hi-Power™ family with long strokes versus overall length to achieve maximum space efficiency, and the Multi-Power® family designed with multiple pistons attached to a single rod to deliver tremendous thrust forces.

For applications requiring hydraulic performance, the HHD Series 3,000 psi-rated actuator is especially suitable for heavy duty applications, and Air-Oil Tanks provide hydraulic-type motion control along with smooth speed and good rigidity. 

Complete Robotic Surface Finishing Solution
Fast and easy setup reduces complexity
The OnRobot Sander is a fully electrical solution and is designed for surface finishing applications like Sanding and Polishing. Used in combination with a HEX-E QC sensor it offers unrivaled ease of use and consistent finishing results. The OnRobot Sander is supported by a Grit Changer, which allows grit changing to be fully automated without operator intervention.
This powerful and durable electric sander requires no compressed air, significantly reducing running and maintenance costs. It eliminates operator fatigue and hazards for easy compliance with local health and safety regulations.
  • Electric sander with QC (no air needed) 
  • Set RPM from 1000 up to 10,000 RPM
  • Orbital sander tool - 5mm orbit

GSM 2000 Safety Guarding
Adapt to almost every user requirement
The GSM 2000 system is not only proved as a machine safety fence system. This solid and reasonably priced system can also be used as a safety perimeter fence for storage areas or other areas where safety is important. And certainly –designed in the high level of quality that GSM is known for.
With 8 different standard heights and 16 different standard widths the GSM 2000 is adaptable to almost every user requirement.

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