UPDATE 3-18-2020
Children’s Paradise Families,

We continue to upgrade our daily operations based upon additional information on best practices we have received through our ongoing communication with County of San Diego Emergency, Childcare Task Force, Health Department Community Care Licensing and Department of Education Management Bulletins. We are once again asking for your cooperation. We believe the health screening practices implemented this week have reduced our risk but there is more that we can do:

  • We are requesting Parents/Guardians complete drop off and pick up outside the front door to reduce the number of adults entering the center on a daily basis, if at all possible.

  • We are designating an “Special Care Room” at each site to immediately separate anyone who starts to exhibit symptoms of a cold or any other illness to reduce potential exposure to other children and staff.

  • We are suspending tooth brushing practices at the center. We encourage you to brush at home to make up for this missed activity.

  • We are also suspending family-style dining. Although, we love what it teaches our kids, we want to reduce the transfer of germs between shared serving utensils and meal dishes. We recommend this practice at home, as well.

  • We are asking that you bring one blanket for your child and leave it at the center for the duration of this crisis. We will keep them clean, disinfected and smelling great!

These are extraordinary times. We are proud to support our families and so thankful for the love and support our families are giving us in return. We are thankful for those families that are home with their children, so we can focus on those with the greatest need. Whether you are at the centers or home with your family, Children’s Paradise is still a resource for your family. If you have needs, please let us know.

We have posted a list of family resources for food, diapers, and emergency supplies on our website at childrensparadise.com . This will be updated regularly as new resources become available.  We will also be providing fun ideas to do at home with your children to continue their education for those at home. In the schools we are continuing to have fun and to learn. Today, we had dance parties to get the wiggles out. We recommend all families turn up the music and have a dance party this evening!

If you have questions, you can contact us at info@childrensparadise.com . Also, please continue to monitor your email for regular updates. 


Children Paradise