Simple Summer Organizing Prep

Ah, summer. That magical time of year when we plan to do ALL THE THINGS
...until we realize how hectic the season truly is. 

If one of your summer projects is to get organized, it may be best to start with some small projects to get the ball rolling and simplify your days, freeing you up to really enjoy the season. Super hot days are not always the best time to organize the garage or attic, so focus on other, cooler areas like your backyard, entryway and closets instead. 

Clear out school backpacks and papers. Now is a great time to clean out kids' school backpacks, piles of paper in their rooms and art projects lying around the house. Enough time has passed to allow easy disposal of things that are not memorabilia, and these papers can also give you a good reminder of what they could practice over the summer. 

Organize your grilling supplies. Create an easy-grab location for grilling supplies, and place it near the grill. We like to use a metal bucket for this. Once the season is over, these are easy to put away for next year. 

Prep for easy outdoor dining. Grab a caddy or basket with a handle and fill it with utensils, plates and napkins ready to go outside. We recently did this for a client using an IKEA rolling cart, which can easily be rolled outside and back into the pantry. 

Swap out your entryway with summer attire. Make a quick review of your entryway and remove any heavy coats or clothing that is not summer-approved. Place a basket near the door for sandals so that they can be easily contained.

Gather "outing supplies" and place them in a prominent spot in the garage or even in the car. This could include sunscreen, insect repellant, grab-and-go snacks, walking shoes, a picnic blanket and water. Don't forget the frisbee! A car caddy is best for containing these items. Now you will always be ready for any spur-of-the-moment activities.

Rely on your vacation reminder. There is nothing worse than taking a day off in the summer and worrying about email. It only takes a minute to turn on your vacation reminder, and it's so worth it to be able to relax. Whether you set it for one day or two weeks, it will help you truly enjoy your time off. 

Organize your books. Summer is a wonderful time to catch up on reading, and organizing your books will inspire you to do just that - plus take a much needed detox from your phone. We've got you covered with this how-to guide

Do you have any special organizing projects you love to get done in the summer? We'd love to hear about them. 

Happy Organizing!

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Upcoming Presentation at Pregame!
Thursday July 18th at 5:00 - 7:00 pm 

Are you frustrated with the stuff that is cluttering your space as well as your mind? Do you feel that there must be a better way to run your business and your life?

Missy will be presenting next week at Pregame, with  specific strategies to overcome the chaos and take back control. You'll find out how holding onto extra stuff - including habits and activities - is holding you back, and exactly what to do about it!

Date: Thursday, July 18th
5:00pm - Happy Hour
5:20pm - Presentation
6:15pm - Q&A
Location: 926 NW 13th Avenue | Portland OR 97209
Cost: $40 Guests, Included with Pregame Membership

Swedish Death Cleaning: What It Is  and 
How to Do It

Does your home need some death cleaning?
Like many people, you've probably heard of the organizing method called  Swedish Death Cleaning. This idea is nothing new, but it was  popularized
by Margareta Magnusson in her forthright and incidentally hilarious book, The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning: How to Free Yourself and Your Family From a Lifetime of Clutter

Since it's publication in 2018, this method has been vastly adapted around the world by many people. Yet the idea is also commonly misunderstood, based on it's macabre name. After all, getting organized can be challenging enough without throwing the word "death" into the process!

So what IS Swedish death cleaning?  Simply put, the Swedish word döstädning refers to the decluttering and cleaning you do when your life is nearing its end. The modern version adapts the process so that you can "death clean" at any age or stage of life.

Portland Resources

Local Donation Resource: Call to Safety (Formerly Known as the Women's Crisis Line)

This month, we are featuring a wonderful donation resource which accepts used cell phones and distributes them to  survivors of abuse so they can make 911 calls for their safety. 

To donate, please include a wall charger and any working batteries with your donation. To protect your privacy, it is recommended you remove all personal information from your phone before making your donation. 

Mail Phones to: Call to Safety Cell Phone Project, P.O. Box 42610 Portland, OR 97242 

Or drop it off at these Portland locations: 

-PSU Women's Resource Center:  10th and Montgomery in the basement of Montgomery Hall 
-Southwest Community Center, 6280 SW 45th

Donation | Recycling | People We Like Resources

Just a little reminder that our website has up-to-date donation, recycling and preferred service resources! We are proud to share these local sources that we trust and rely upon daily. 

Recycling Resources
Service Resources:

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