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Has the end of the year madness set in yet? You know, that feverish time when you are trapped between rushing through all of the remaining objectives and just throwing your lessons plans out the window? I feel you. It's easy to blame our distracted students...but sometimes I think I am just as distracted as they are. Can I share a few tips? 

  1. Keep it simple. If you know you can't accomplish 15 things in one day, pick 5 that are the most important. Its better to learn 1 thing really well than 3 things half way.
  2. Prepare a few "extras" each week or month that hit on several areas of content. Like my Plants Unit which covers science, reading and writing or my new Insect Report banners which serves as great independent research projects and super cute hallway displays! This way you can be ready for fun learning if time allows.

  Just don't put a deadline on it :) 

3.Think ahead. These BRAND NEW Thank You notes are perfect for writing a quick "thank you" to parents, students, or coworkers. With Teacher Appreciation week right around the corner, they are the perfect-fun way to say "thank you" to other teachers, or in acknowledgment for gifts that have been received. And, it is currently $1.50!!!

In case you need the link, take a quick peek at the items I currently have listed for 50% off!

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