Finding yourself wanting a clean slate after a busy summer?
Follow these simple steps to give your unit a much needed FALL FACELIFT!
1.  Store all summer items away for the winter. Store summer clothes in vacuum sealed space saving bags, take out your AC, and put away beach and outdoor accessories you won't need for the winter.
Pro Tip: Maximize ALL of the space in your apartment by getting creative with storage options! HELLO PINTEREST AND AMAZON PRIME.

2. Limited on space? Donate items that you haven't used in the last year such as clothes, shoes, jackets, and bedding! Not only will your declutter your apartment you will be helping those in need. 
Pro Tip: Research local donation centers and charities. You might even be lucky enough to find a foundation that offers FREE pick up!

3. Deep clean your apartment.Those pesky tasks you put off all summer, it is time to tackle them! Give some extra love to things you typically avoid such as your ceiling fans, floors, windows, kitchen cupboards, oven and stove top, junk drawers, and lighting fixtures.
Pro Tip: Is your schedule too busy? Hire a local small business to help you keep your place sparkling. 

For Our Full List of Properties Available Visit: 
 Derne Street | Beacon Hill | Room for Rent | 1 Shared Bathroom $1150 Including Heat, Hot Water, & Electric | Available October 1 Read More
Beacon Street | Back Bay | Studio | 1 Full Bathroom $2500 | Available October 1 
Prince Street  | North End  | 1 Bedroom  | 1 Full Bathroom
$1995  | Available NOW

Marlborough Street  | Back Bay  | 1 Bedroom  | 1 Full Bathroom
$1995  | Available NOW

Beacon Street  | Back Bay  | 1 Bedroom  | 1 Full Bathroom
$2075 Including Heat and Hot Water  | Available NOW

Joy Street  | Beacon Hill  | 1 Bedroom  | 1 Full Bathroom
$2600 Including Heat and Hot Water  | Available January 1

Hancock Street | Beacon Hill | Large 1 Bedroom | 1 Full Bathroom
$2850  Including Heat and Hot Water  | Available NOW

Beacon Street | Back Bay| 1 Bedroom | 1 Full Bathroom  
$3100 Including Heat, Hot Water & 1/2 Cable + Wifi | 
Available NOW 
Elm Street | Quincy 2 Bedroom | 1.5 Bathrooms
$2000 Including Hot Water and 1 Parking Spot  | Available NOW

Endicott Street | North End | 2 Bedrooms | 1 Full Bathroom
$2400 | Available NOW

Joy Street | Beacon Hill | 2 Bedrooms | 1 Full Bathroom
$2950  | Available NOW

Temple Street | Beacon Hill | 2 Bedrooms | 1 Full Bathroom
$3800 Including Heat and Hot Water | Available NOW 

Beacon Street | Back Bay | 2 Bedroom | 2 Full Bathroom
$7995 Including 2 Assigned Parking Spaces  | Available NOW
 This was The Presidential Properties Team's 11th! September 1 turn over! Our hard working Team of real estate agents handed out 207 sets of keys from our office and oversaw an additional 72 apartments we leased!

We warmly welcome all our customers to Boston!  
We look forward to seeing you around the neighborhood! Please stop in the office to say hello when passing by and keep in touch! If you haven't picked up your Welcome to Boston swag bag then please swing by, we still have some left!
Looking for a #Boston Apartment for Rent or a Condo to Buy? PERFECT because we have MANY listed on our site, most that can NOT be found anywhere else! We know Boston. This is not an IDX search. These are Presidential Properties listings, MOST exclusive, and our Team is ready to show you them! Please email to get your search started!  
FOUR Beacon Hill Properties SOLD by Presidential Properties 
so far this Summer.  
Whether you are looking to Sell or Buy, using Presidential as your Broker is how You will get what You want.  
Another Beacon Hill Condominium SOLD
by Exclusive Broker Presidential Properties
  Myrtle Street | Beacon Hill | 1.5 Bedroom | 1 Full Bathroom
487sq ft second floor non-renovated two bedroom condominium
List price: $499,000. (1024.64 a sq ft)
Sale price: $542,000. (1112.94 a sq ft)
List date: 5.31.18
Under agreement date: 6.4.18
Sale date: 7.11.18
Offer accepted: cash, no contingencies, $43,000 over asking price

Another Beacon Hill Condominium SOLD
by Exclusive Broker Presidential Properties
Irving Street | Beacon Hill | 2 Bedroom | 1 Full Bathroom
619sq ft third floor renovated two bedroom condominium
List price: $650,000. (1050.08 a sq ft)
Sale price: $650,000. (1050.08 a sq ft)
List date: 4.26.18
Under agreement date: 4.30.18
Sale date: 6.15.18

Another Beacon Hill Condominium SOLD
by Exclusive Broker Presidential Properties
Revere Street | Beacon Hill | 1 Bedroom | 1 Full Bathroom
455sq ft second floor one bedroom condominium
List price: $489,000. (1074.72 sq ft)
Sale price: $502,500. (1104.40 a sq ft)
List date: 5.3.18
Under agreement date: 5.6.18
Sale date: 6.7.18
Offer accepted: cash, no contingencies, $13,500 over asking price
SOLD by Buyer's Broker Presidential Properties
Phillips Street | Beacon Hill 
Rare opportunity 1680sq ft truly unique single family home
Just 8 DTO with Presidential Properties representing the Buyer in this Sale.
Sale price: $1,749,000
Sale date: 6.15.18
There was another very strong offer in the listing broker's possession and after a few hours of negotiation Presidential pulled through for our Buyers and put this fantastic home under agreement.
This summer we have represented three separate Sellers, in three closings, on their Beacon Hill condominiums as their exclusive listing broker.  
We put all three properties under agreement after the first showing at the open house. The most recent, 57 Myrtle Street #3 sold this past Wednesday with no contingencies, cash, and at $43,000 over asking price. The other two also sold with no contingencies, cash, and over $1k a sq ft. Two of these transactions are under lease and the Buyers on each deal took over the existing lease, keeping the current tenants and will be using the property as an investment. Presidential negotiated these deals for hours, receiving multiple offers after extensive marketing and planning. Now we have well over
15 serious Buyers who missed out and are ready to Buy.  
Are you are ready to Sell? Is your tenant renewing? Let us know!  
Just Moved To Boston?
Here are some helpful tips:

  •  Trash must be placed ONLY in heavy duty black bags and recycling ONLY in clear plastic bags. Clear plastic bags are available at Cobblestone Convenience in Beacon Hill.
  • Trash and recycling must be properly and securely tied to keep our neighborhoods clean.
  • The use of open grocery bags in STRICTLY prohibited.
Rodent Prevention Tips:

 Keep your unit clean!

Frequently clean hidden areas under your refrigerator and stove.

Do not leave pet food out.

Keep trash in a heavy duty plastic container with a tightly sealed lid.

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