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July 2020
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What Do You Value?
It has been a summer for backyard pools. I made a strategic error in knocking down my 24 foot above ground pool last summer, thinking that I could rely on the steep discount offered by Hamilton public pools to their senior citizens reaching the advanced age of 55. Who knew that a worldwide pandemic would effectively close city pools for a good chunk of the summer? Enter Amazon. Seeing the lockdown unfolding back in March, I hastily ordered a free standing 10-foot inflatable pool, now sitting on the large crater that was once our adult-sized pool.  I failed to factor in my need for a pool skimmer to keep the pool clean. So back to Amazon, using my Prime membership, I secured the $10 item and had it shipped free and fast. It arrived yesterday, not a moment too soon. 

As I reflect on the popularity of Amazon and other internet-based companies so fashionable right now, I can’t help wondering if investors aren’t letting their customer enthusiasm cloud their investor judgement.  After all, how much money can Amazon make offering free delivery for $10 items? Any accountant will point out the foolishness of this statement:  “We lose money on every sale but we’ll make it up on volume”. 
Taken as a whole, FANMAG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, Apple and Google) now make up over 22% of the S&P 500 Index 1. And they are up 33%/year in the five years ended July 6th. The rest of the index is up only 5% over this same time-period 2If the past is any guide, this could spell trouble.  In my first decade advising clients, tech stocks went on a similar run, pushing the NASDAQ index up 541% from 1995 to 1999, before plummeting 67%. 3

How many of you remember the nerdy Palm Pilot that 3Com spun off in 1999?  For a brief, time investors valued a portion of the new company more highly than its parent, who still owned most of it! 4 I owned one of those Palm Pilots and considered it indispensable at the time. Not knowing, of course, that it would become a relic, just like the BlackBerry that came after it. Who knows what the world has in store for the iPhone?

That is to say that value investing - owning companies that are “unsexy” and out of favour but not in chronic decline, has lost much of it’s following these past 10 years. And for good reason.  The Russell 3000 Value Index is trailing its growth counterpart for the 10 years ended June 30th by over 7%/year.  Historically, value has outperformed growth by about 3% annually. 5 Could a reversal be in the works? Value went on a tear after the Tech Bubble, outperforming growth by 82% in the period 2000-2005. 6 

Why bet on FANMAG stocks continuing to outperform the market? In many ways they are competing with each other. Why not, instead, bet on the earning power of the other 494 companies in the index to deliver superior returns? Dimensional Funds, with their emphasis on smaller value stocks and owning the entire market, could once again be poised to deliver superior returns.  
Mark Orr

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