WHAT'S NEW WITH DART ® MS?                                         September 2015   
 The Latest Developments in Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass Spectrometry 

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Its TRADESHOW time and we are bringing our MOBILE  DART mass spectrometer on the road.  Starting at the British Mass Spectrometry Society meeting next week and ending at the Society for Forensic Toxicologist meeting in October, the 
DART-OS equipped Waters Aquity QDa detector will be on display. 
Stop by to talk with us at the KR Analytical BMSS booth in the UK or IonSense booth here in the US.
The MOBILE DART system is mounted on an industrial grade cart that allows you to move our technology to your worksite. You just need an electrical outlet and a few minutes to be able to give your Chemist  an on-site, easy-to-use sample analysis system.  Imagine the utility of being able to follow your novel reaction progress in real time with little or no method development.  Think of the utility of being able to confirm chemical compositions in the field seconds after sampling the site.  The mobilization of  DART-MS represents IonSense's unwavering drive to bring ambient ionization mass spec out of the lab and into the open air environment.

Click here to set up an appointment with us at these upcoming fall shows: 

British Mass Spectrometry Society,  University of Birmingham, UK
SCIX      Providence, RI   
AOAC    Los Angeles, CA                  
CPSA    Philadelphia, PA
NEAFS  Hyannis, MA                      
SOFT     Atlanta, GA  
Looking forward to seeing you,

Brian Musselman, Ph.D.
President and CEO

Recent DART Publications

The Complete DART Bibliography is Now Available - CLICK HERE
Chinese Journal of Chemistry

In this work our users in China utilize our new SPE-it probes (solid phase microextraction fibers integrated with a pipet tip) to isolate plasticizers from complex solutions.  The SPE-it probes are now commercially available in 96 well plate boxes.  Use of the SPE-it probes is facilitated by use of the SPE-it Kit which includes detailed instructions, a microplate shaker, multi-probe holders for use with 96 well plates to facilitate high throughput analysis and SPE-it probes. 

American Society for Mass Spectrometry
Investigators provide insight into the operation of our VAPUR interface that we utilize to interface our DART sources to many commercial LC/MS systems.   
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry  

Job Opportunity at IonSense
IonSense, Inc. has an open position for an Instrumentation / Applications researcher:  This is a temporary 6-8 month position completing a government sponsored program.  The successful applicant will have  good instrumentation and analytical skills.  For a full description send email address to info@ionsense with "researcher" in the title.

IonSense provides OpenSpot Mass Spectrometry™ solutions to the fields of food safety, forensics, drug development, and chemical analysis. We manufacture and develop direct analysis in real time (DART ®) technology licensed from JEOL USA, Inc. and atmospheric solids analysis probe (ASAP™) licensed from M&M Consulting.

DART and ASAP Sources are available for most commercial LC/MS systems.  Click here to see if your system is DART-ready.  And   check here to see if your system is ASAP-ready.

For your local representative, please see our distributor network.

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