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NO! He lived to do HIS FATHER's WILL!
In Matthew 16:24 JESUS said. “If anyone would come after me,
he must deny himself.”
I'd like to introduce you to Jeff and Theresa who are a couple with 5 children. They had been regulars at the Food Pantry. After Jeff lost his job about a year ago, they literally could not afford anything. Their whole family would come to eat at the Feeding Center all 4 days it was open, to get groceries at the Food Pantry at least 2 days a week and to the Clothing Center at least twice a month. The family also made use of the Medical Clinic and Vision Center for their children’s needs.

Jeff stopped by about 2 weeks ago to share with me that he had just got a job. He was elated, to say the least! He said, “Brian, I just stopped by to thank you and the Shepherd’s HOPE team because if it wasn’t for Shepherd’s HOPE and THE CENTER, I don’t know what we would have done!"

Stories like Jeff and Theresa's are more commonplace than I like to admit, and I believe the trend is going to get worse. Your SUPPORT of this ministry through the most difficult time in our 12-year history made it possible to touch the number of lives we do on a daily basis. We would not have been able to be there for Jeff and Theresa and hundreds of others like them that are down on their luck.
It is the situations like Jeff and Theresa's that are the catalyst that keep me focused when the attacks from the evil one are relentless and I want to give up. For the last 4 months the evil one has been attacking Shepherd's HOPE and me personally because he cannot tolerate the effect JESUS is having on this community through Shepherd’s HOPE.

I pray every day that GOD will intervene and show the leadership in this nation that HE is sovereign over all, and that the people of this nation will deny themselves and start living for HIM and HIM alone.
YOU can make a difference!
This last year has been tough on everyone. Shepherd’s HOPE has been impacted financially. Thanks to you - the 27% of our donors that remain steadfast - and the ministry partners paying their rent, we have been able to survive
We received a couple of grants, but they are ear-marked for specific program uses. We are starting to create relationships with larger corporations, but nothing has come to fruition as of yet. 

Always remember, you, our individual donors are the glue that holds this ministry together. It has been you who have gotten us where we are today. With the majority of our donors sitting on the sidelines, we were barely able to survive. 

We very much need everyone in the game so the people in the trenches can continue doing their job!  

We also realize everyone has been affected by the pandemic, and we are here to help anyone who needs our help in any way.
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Shepherd’s HOPE operating budget
is about $300,000 per year
for the food pantry and feeding center. 

That includes our share of the cost (“rent” equivalent) for our 7 rooms, stipends for 22 staff members and volunteers, and all the ancillary items needed to operate both ministries. The 65,000 pounds of food we get each week touches the lives of 5,000 people. 

That’s an annual cost of $60 per person per year
to be open to our neighbors 6 days a week. 

We are thankful that through GOD’s guidance, we are able to allocate your hard-earned resources with frugality.
More than anything, because of your generosity, we have been given the opportunity to share who JESUS is, not so much by what we say but by how we live, while we serve our neighbors. ONLY GOD!
I believe in GOD’s sovereignty, and I believe in the team HE has put together called Shepherd’s HOPE. A team is not a team unless everybody is doing their part.
I personally want to thank you and your family for your support over the years and I hope and pray that we can count on your continued support in the future.

We love you all and we thank you again for the integral part you’ve played in making Shepherd’s HOPE what it is today. A bright light shining in a dark place.

Brian Anderson
Executive Director, Shepherd's HOPE
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The LORD has put together a tremendous group of ministries. The LORD is going to change Englewood through these obedient ministries working hand-in-hand with each other, glorifying JESUS in everything they do.

Your support brings HOPE to those in need...