Jodi Sims

Past and Present Places
18.5" x 26.5"
Jodi Sims
Myrtle Beach, SC

I am relatively new to Myrtle Beach having moved here from Nashville, TN with my husband and two teenage sons four years ago.  I have always appreciated and collected art and had a desire to learn techniques, but never really took any classes.  I started taking classes from William H. Miller two years ago, and began painting with acrylics.  Most of the artwork in our home are abstract works, and I have always wanted to paint abstracts and even thought many times after seeing someone's piece, "oh, I can do that."  However, I'm finding that abstract painting is more difficult than it looks.  This painting started as a totally different piece and became a black blob of frustration before finding it's voice and becoming what you now see.  I decided that I would paint places I have lived (I have lived in 8 different cities in 4 different states since graduating from college) thus, "Places Past and Present" was born.
- Jodi Sims