'Tis the Season at Sinai Center!
Dear Friends,

The holidays are a joyous time spent in the company of family and friends. At Sinai Center - where everyone is considered family - our 7 floors are filled with merriment and good cheer. In the singular Sinai spirit, our staff went all out decking the halls with boughs of holly, and our residents enjoyed a festive holiday lunch. We delighted in a visit by Frosty the Snowman, and musical performances by the talented Kearny High School K-Birds Choir and the Sinai Voices of Joy Choir featuring a mix of residents and employees. Congratulations to our 3rd floor staff for winning the "Nursing Station Holiday Decor" contest! 

With the approach of 2019, we are excited to break new ground  at Sinai! Starting with the renovation of our lobby, plans are underway to infuse our center with a hotel-like ambiance.
Best Wishes for a 
Happy & Healthy New Year! 

Golde Bondy, LNHA
Our Holiday Album
Voices of Joy at Sinai
Voices of Joy
Dr. Nelson Aluya: TOP DOCTOR 2018
We take pride in the distinguished and high caliber medical professionals who comprise our team. Underlining the high esteem we have for Dr. Nelson Aluya, one of our Medical Directors - he was recently bestowed the 2018 Top Internal Medicine Physician award! In celebration, we presented him with a congratulatory bottle of Sinai wine upon his return from vacation.
5 Science-Backed Ways
To Keep You Warm Through The Winter
Scientifically proven ways to keep you warm!
  1. Warm Yourself First
    It's easier to change your body temperature than the room temperature, not to mention more eco-friendly!
  2. Turn on the Ceiling Fan
    Warm air rises to the ceiling. Run your fan on its lowest setting to push the warm air back down where you can feel it.
  3. Layer Your Bed Covers With the Densest Ones on Top
    Fluffy blankets should be closest to your skin, placing dense blankets on top prevent heat loss.
  4. Wear a Hat - Yes, Even Indoors
    You can lose heat from any surface that's exposed. So put on a hat, even if you're inside.
  5. Know Your Risks and Avoid Alcohol
    Drugs to treat high blood pressure can make you more sensitive to the cold. Alcohol is absolutely the worst thing to consume if you are already cold because it drops the core body temperature.
* Adapted from Live Science
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