Sing into spring, play into May, and strum into summer!
Our wonderful faculty (here) look forward to helping you meet your own musical goals as soon as you want to get started! Our recent student survey showed 95% positive ("excellent" or "good") satisfaction rates with the Music School’s virtual teaching and YouTube student recitals. Please see a few of their many helpful and supportive comments quoted below.
Call 603-228-1196 for information, or fill out this inquiry form and we'll get back to you asap. Financial aid deadlines are suspended this semester, so please inquire. All ages and abilities welcome!
“Ellen is fabulous & the most supportive vocal teacher. We feel blessed.”
“I'm more comfortable with my own voice. The experience is private and it's happening from the comfort of my own home.”
“In learning to sing without interacting with an audience, I miss the energy exchange but I am focusing on technique so I will be more prepared for live performances.”
“We love Bozena. She always sends us notes and recordings to help her learn. The recordings are very valuable as that is one of the ways my daughter learns best.”
“Rebecca Herst has been AMAZING with our girls, and we've seen huge growth over the past year!”
“Romeo has been a most patient teacher. Our FaceTime lessons have been pretty much seamless. Of course it would be better to be in the same room, but our technology is making it "almost" like that.”
“I started @ age 69 with a fair amount of listening experience but no experience playing piano. I am grateful for the knowledge and investment that Abby C. puts into my learning.”
“Liz Faiella has been super. Her positivity has made violin fun for both my kids. The kids are always clear about what's expected the following week thanks to her notes in Google notebook and recordings she makes for their folders.”
“The lessons have been excellent with Keith Perry on electric guitar. My son has progressed well even through virtual classes. Keith has also provided good advice on guitar selection and how to approach practicing the guitar day to day.”
“Love the virtual recitals. They put a smile on my face to see everyone making music together.”
“Kudos to David Surette - best teacher I have ever had.”
Inside the Music
Zoom “Inside the Music” in this series from the Music School, specially created this year to bring beauty, fun, and musical learning to you!
Together with the String Band Symposium, these two new courses bring you “Inside the Music” with stories, recordings, and illuminating musical demonstrations from these wonderful faculty members. You can sing or play along (the freedom of muted Zoom!) and then join with fellow class members in lively conversation. Enjoy!
SONG CLUB WITH JAZIMINA Thursdays at 5:30pm, starting Feb. 18
Like a book club with songs! Come Zoom with Jazimina MacNeil around a treasure trove of songs written by great artists, from Schubert to Amy Beach to Stevie Wonder. Each class we’ll listen to new songs and explore the poetry, musical techniques, and personal history of these poets and composers who capture our kaleidoscope of human feeling and turn it into sound. Each class includes an optional prompt for creative reflection, inviting your own artistic impulses to flow. Presented in partnership with Concord Chorale.
MUSICAL THEATRE THROUGH THE AGES Wednesdays at 5:30, starting March 10
How did we get from Oklahoma to Hamilton?. Join singer and actor Tyler Shore as he explores the history of Musical Theatre, performs representative songs from each era, and demonstrates shifts in vocal technique and style through the decades. You can sing along with Tyler and experiment vocally in the privacy of your home. Tyler provides materials for additional learning and enjoyment between classes. Presented in partnership with The Community Players of Concord, NH and Concord Chorale.
Thank You...
For supporting the Music School so generously through many challenges we have all faced in recent months. Because of you, our season of music has been filled with optimism and great appreciation for our musical community. 
Please add your voice to the chorus of believers in the Music School's future by considering a donation. We deeply appreciate your confidence and support. Thank you!!
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