Cambodian Community Dream Organization, Inc.
Dream Journal ~ March 2020 
Even though the world faces new challenges dealing with the Coronavirus, our work in Cambodia continues. We pray that our staff and our village families stay healthy.

20 Latrines for 2020 Turns Into 100
Our creative long term supporter, Mr. Chu Yang Keng , from the  XI Architectural Firm in Singapore , has spearheaded a fundraising and design effort aptly called 20 Latrines in 2020 . The staff of the firm was so motivated as they fundraised with clients and friends, that they successfully managed to raise funds for  five times the initial goal:

A whopping 100 latrines.
The first 20 were built in a two day building extravaganza in collaboration with architectural students from Singapore, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap and our CCDO team on the ground, including our volunteer interns. With good instruction everyone soon learned how to lay bricks and help build the outhouses. It took just two days with 100 volunteers to build the 20 latrines.

A BIG shout out to our WASH Coordinator , Pin Sok , who orchestrated this successful project.

Stay tuned for the report on the installation of the remaining 80 very soon.

International Women’s Day  8 March 2020

Celebrating Women’s Day, our students are proud to acknowledge the role of the female in the local villages. Signs honoring the women are placed around the schools.
International Water Day  22 March 2020
We celebrate Clean Water every time we get a donation for new or refurbished wells. Clean water is the first prerequisite for healthy life. We hope soon every family in “our” Cambodian villages will have easy access to clean water. 
Francisco & Suzanne traveled all the way from Brazil to visit our rural schools and see our Cambodian interpretation of their Mente Viva program that starts students learning each morning with calming meditation. The program tells a story each week, using local animals, and helping the children understand the basic concept of morals. 

We thank Dr. Mariela Oliveira Silveira , volunteer director of the program and the Kurotel   family for spreading the very successful Brazilian program to Cambodia. 
Nansie Ike , US Embassy , Program Management Specialist from Phnom Penh, visited our offices to verify our teacher training program. The US Embassy is a proud sponsor of this program. They believe in CCDO and the impact we are making with many teachers.
Young 3rd Grade Ambassadors
Last June, American teacher  Hailee Day , spent 10 days teaching our kids in Cambodia. When she returned home in the fall to her 3 rd  grade class at Ronald Reagan Elementary School in Nampa, Idaho , she inspired her students to raise funds for a water well. They have found creative ways to raise funds $5 at a time.

Please visit their video 

Staff News
New librarian  Mab Kim , one of our scholarship students, is being trained to be our Librarian at Tapang school . Sombon Nom , our amazing Librarian has been promoted to English teacher for starter level. She also has her computer teacher certificate.

We promoted one of our English teachers, Sothea Phonn , to become our Scholarship Coordinator . This program now has 55 students who are enrolled in higher learning. They are the future of Cambodia and needed more coaching and career counseling.
Ordinary people can do extraordinary things
to change lives, one child at a time.