If Christians turn out in record numbers at the polls on November 6, 2018 - as they did in 2016 - the ‘ odd demigods’ dominating America’s cultural mountains of influence will be thrown into a panic. Two highest evangelical voter turnouts in succession would be potentially the writing on the wall for secular America and its secularization of the originally Biblically-based Western moral and legal philosophy, “more particularly the Ten Commandments, the basic source and summary of Natural Law.” (1)

“As recently as 1952, a Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States could state in a judicial opinion that Americans are a religious people whose institutions presuppose a Supreme Being.” (2) This exemplifies how deep today’s America has sunk spiritually.

Media elites have worked overtime this year to keep under wraps the savage uproar and turmoil orchestrated by George Soros, Antifa anarchistic subversives, Left-wing tyrannous mobs, and rabid Berkeley-type radicals. All are demagogues, up to no good. Given the current forbidding and menacing behavior of certain people and organizations, it will be easily understood why the Founders regarded godly character as the cornerstone of sustainable freedom. Anarchists and nihilists, on the other hand, are prone to “shoddy moral character, prone to wickedness and simple nastiness, and devoid of good sense and moral compunctions.” (3)

Being heckled out of restaurants, hunted down at gas stations, driven from stores, and threatened when appearing in public can be seen as the precursors to despotism and absolutism, i.e. dominance through threat of punishment and violence. From a Biblical perspective, the Lord equates rebellion with witchcraft: “For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry.” (4)

Prophetic leaders who display “a close relationship with God and a thorough knowledge of His word” (5) and show equal skill in the business of politics in the public square are quite rare. Modern leadership appears to be more obscure and bookish. Over the last 50 years Christians have adopted, to all appearances, a different mode of engagement in the culture than the American Founders, which calls for remaining quietly behind the four walls of the church building. Having run roughshod over the once Biblically-based culture, secularism and secularists should be challenged where competition is fiercest: in the public square. It is painful and agonizing to realize WHO has been so fully and plainly rejected over the last two or three generations. (6)

Fear of the ‘ world’ and its seemingly insurmountable power has no real influence on those with vision and discernment regarding God’s promises and workings. Real power does not lie in military might or in Gross Domestic Product; ultimate power and authority belong to God.

The Church’s passive response to Secularism over the last century has given rise to a Christian subculture whose sole function has become the mitigation of obscenity, sexual perversity, video game violence, broadcasted pornography, and every other imaginable anomaly advanced and lionized by secularists. “The mark of a decadent society is the exaltation and normalization of sin.” [6] Needless to say, this is no recent development, but an age old predicament originating from Adam and Eve. Solomon warned his son to “not consent if sinners entice you.” (7) Both sin and misery love company.