A Postcard and a Prayer from 
Mennonite Women USA - March 2016
A Prayer for Sabbath
by Janie Beck Kreider
Restoring God,
As buds appear on dogwood trees, 
   green shoots come up through the ground
migrating birds join the spring chorus 
  that greets us louder each day,
      we remember how you created.
We also remember the way you modeled rest,
   taking time to notice what is good
   to revel in the beauty of creation just as it is.
Help us to take breaks from our creating, consuming, and nurturing,
   prioritizing healthy rhythms of work and rest in our lives
   being intentional about our own self-care
   showing support to others who need to say no.
Help us to let go of the need to constantly improve, produce, and perfect,
   noticing your presence even in chaos
   recognizing your image even in the imperfect
   allowing space for what will unfold in your timing.
Help us to take time to connect with you,
   resting in the deep knowing that who we are is enough
   that we are beloved, just as we are.   Amen.

Janie Beck Kreider began a new role as director of communications for Mennonite Church USA on February 1, 2016. In addition to spending time with her husband, Janie enjoys running with friends, hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains and hosting women's retreats. She works out of her home in Charlottesville, Virginia and attends Charlottesville Mennonite Church. 
Friday, 8/12
Saturday, 8/13
Peace Mennonite Church, Aurora, CO.
PREP: Preparing. Resourcing. Encouraging. Praising.
This year PREP is for everyone. All are welcome at the 2016 PREP being hosted in Denver, CO!
The theme is: 
Empowering Women: Money, Health and Faith
-Resourcing from Everence's Rhoda Blough on "Women, Faith and Money"
-Resourcing from Everence's Teresa Boshart Yoder on "Women, Health and Faith"
-Art and Spirituality session with Marlene Bogard and Becky Harder
-Networking with dozens of Mennonite women from all over the US
-Only $40 / online registration in May

Our 2016 Bible Study

ENJOY the 2016 Bible study, Faith Travels: Trusting God in Life's Transitions.

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GIVE: The Housewarmer Project is a beautiful way to give to people having lost so much.

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PLEASE PRAY for the upcoming Sister Care seminars in Kenya and Tanzania.

Have a blessed month!

Mennonite Women USA staff