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Unity in Diversity
Sister Meg Launches New Blog
Sister Meg Earsley will spend 2022 on mission in Bolivia. She recently professed first vows with FSPA and served as an Overseas Missioner in formation with Franciscan Mission Service. Sister Meg will share her Wanderings and Wonderings as she serves with the Tertiary Sisters of Saint Francis in Santa Cruz. Follow her journey on her new blog, Wanderings and Wonderings, and subscribe to receive email updates.
Affiliation 40th Anniversary Tribute
To honor 40 years of the FSPA Affiliation program in 2021, affiliates and sisters celebrated the interconnectedness of all things and the way of living life through the spiritual lens of Franciscan values. To conclude the year, affiliates enjoyed the following tribute video montage of memories made throughout the past 40 years of affiliation.
To also celebrate our milestone year, we created a video series to share how the universal values of reflection, presence, simplicity, humility, peacemaking, stewardship and service inspire affiliates and give them life in their Franciscan journeys.

Enjoy the Affiliation 40th Anniversary video series by visiting the affiliation page on fspa.org!
In the news
Last week we celebrated Sister Lydia Wendl's 100th birthday with a small celebration and a BIG greeting, courtesy of Sister Marlou Ricke!

Happy birthday, Sister Lydia!
"At the same time, our church can be proud of many American Catholics [including Sister Thea Bowman] who were advocates for the victims of racism and fought vigorously against racial injustice," writes Archbishop Joseph Neumann in the article, "January celebrations are united in defense of the sanctity of life," published by The Leaven
on Jan. 14.
On the blogs
Messy Jesus Business

"I don’t believe that remembering Martin Luther King Jr. and the movement that he represented is supposed to be comfortable for us white folks.

And I wonder what we might learn
if, on this national holiday created
in his honor, we were to sit with his
speeches that most challenge —
not affirm — our worldview today.

I wonder what it would mean for us white folks, in churches, Catholic schools and affluent communities, to collectively step out of our comfort zones today and every day in his honor."

Read Annemarie Barrett's 2018 article, "MLK Day and choosing white discomfort."
Wanderings and Wonderings

"I began today questioning why things have become so difficult as I prepare for my time in Bolivia. The latest challenge presented itself as I learned that I needed to be present to obtain my visa. In Washington D.C.!

Right now, it is easy to question God's plan, and whether I am traveling in the right direction at this moment in my life. But I have been listening, and have heard God speaking to me through scripture, 'arise, my friend, my beautiful one and come!' (Song of Songs 2:10)"

Read Sister Meg Earsley's first blog post from Dec. 26, "Hope Reborn."
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