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Rosh Hashanah Honey!
Ordering Deadline Wednesday 8/28/18

Time to send Rosh Hashanah Honey with New Year greetings to your TBC friends and loved ones.
Deadline is August 28. Don't miss out on the opportunity!
Sisterhood sweetens your honey! We are now buying local AND the jar got bigger!!!
For TBC members, there are multiple sponsorship levels of giving opportunities. Each level sends one jar of local honey to every TBC member family, clergy and staff.

  • Super Bee Hive - $1,000
  • Chai Bee Hive - $540
  • B'nai Bee Hive - $360
  • Honey Bee Hive - $180
  • Send individual bottles to individual member families, clergy and staff (as in the past) are $12.00 to the first family and subsequent jars are $8.00 each. 

    Don't forget to send honey to our clergy and staff: Rabbi Rachel Bearman, Student Cantor Suzanne Hamstra, Karin Beitel (Director of Lifelong Learning), Denise Seccurra (Office Manager) and Hildy Parks (Bookkeeper)!
All recipients will be notified by email and will receive their honey at Rosh Hashanah services.  If a family has been chosen by more than one friend, they will receive one jar with a nice note listing all the donors.  You will be notified that one or more of your friends have chosen to send you honey, so you will have the opportunity to reciprocate if you wish.
Erev Rosh Hashanah is September 9th , so honey orders are due no later than Tuesday, August 28th.

You have two options to place your honey order to send to fellow congregants:

1)      Follow this link to order online
2)      Or email the following information to  tbcrhhoney@gmail.com. You will be billed by the Temple at
the end of the fundraiser.

  • Your name:
  • Sponsorship Levels - Each level sends one jar of local honey to every TBC member family, clergy and staff.
    • _____Super Bee Hive - $1,000
    • _____Chai Bee Hive - $540
    • _____B'nai Bee Hive - $360
    • _____Honey Bee Hive - $180
    • Please send honey only to the following families, clergy and staff (the first jar you send is $12.00 and each subsequent jar is $8.00):

_____ I wish to automatically reciprocate to anyone who has sent honey to me, with maximum $______,
or no maximum ________

1 jar @ $12.00 + ________ jars at $8.00 = ________ jars total.

Shanah Tovah and thank you for your support of Sisterhood!