Fellow Patriot:


What if...there was no King Street Patriots?


Imagine if you had to ensure fair and honest elections all by yourself. Imagine if it was just you working at the polls...that it was only you writing your representative...only you driving to Austin and walking the halls of the Capitol to advocate for legislative reform? Together, with other 'Streeters', we find courage we wouldn't have alone. Together, we are extremely effective. Together, we are going to take back our countryPlease join our Sustained Giving Program today.


If you have been to a weekly meeting at King Street, you know our hallmark of fundraising is passing a cowboy hat. Fellow patriots, we cannot pass a cowboy hat fast enough to keep up with the growth of our program. We've moved to larger space, added a weekly live stream webcast, and are actively working to build True the Vote models across the country. The True the Vote National Summit was attended by patriots from 27 states and watched by thousands online. Together, we are building a national program. To continue to grow and sustain this burgeoning national effort we will need to raise approximately $500,000. That is a big number, but it is absolutely achievable. Together, we can true the vote in every election across the nation.



Buy Your Own Chair...and beyond


Will you commit to a $25 weekly donation? When you join our Sustained Giving Program your first $25 will buy a chair for our new meeting space. ($25 for a chair is nominal, until you order 300 of them, as we've just done) By signing up today for a $25 weekly (or $100 monthly) automatic donation, you make it possible for us to meet our budget and be free to direct all our energy to ending the corruption of our electoral system.  Think of it this way...a $25 donation is the equivalent of a nice dinner at a restaurant once a week. Aren't free and fair elections worth it? 


If you can contribute more than $25 per week...please do!  If $25 per week is a stretch...please give what you can!  We need your support.

Please join our Sustained Giving Program today.



Because we can't plan future activities if we can't anticipate incoming funding.

Because KSP was built from the ground up, right here in Houston, Texas.  

Because without True the Vote we know there will be greater election fraud.

Because every vote counts.

Because the True the Vote program needs to be in all 50 states.

Because without your sustained support, we can't keep the doors open.

Because few organizations are as effective as King Street Patriots.

Because freedom isn't free.  


Please sign up today for our Sustained Giving Program.  Fellow patriots, we need your support.  You've always risen to any challenge, we know this one will be no different. Together, we can do anything.  Thank you...and onward.



True the Vote has filed to be a section 501(c)(3) organization under the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to True the Vote are tax deductible. True the Vote is an initiative to educate and train citizens to work within our electoral system to restore honor and integrity to the electoral process.