ICANNWiki Gives You the Las Vegas Low-down
We've partnered with the fabulous folks at NamesCon and Seat's Taken Concierge to bring NamesCon attendees the best information on what to eat, visit and drink while at the conference.

ICANNWiki always brings a fun and unique flavor to all that we do, and our "play" lists (not to- do) are no exception. Our first post, introducing you to off the beaten path happenings and locales is sure to please. Enjoy our inaugural post here!
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We welcome a lot of new faces at ICANN 54 in Dublin, and we look forward to working together to build a community resource that helps and informs you.

For those of you who stopped by our booth in Dublin for the first time, we have completed your articles on the wiki, and would love your input and changes! Get started by creating a user account through our Community Portal. Once you're approved, you can make edits right away. Of course your work isn't limited to your personal article, but is open to any topic you're passionate about. Just remember to bring references--our wiki stands by a Neutral Point of View as well a reliance on facts to ensure accuracy and stability.

Our biggest hope is that you enjoy your experience with ICANNWiki, especially knowing that you are contributing to a great knowledge base for anyone interested in ICANN and Internet Governance.

Another Site Upgrade--New Features, Videos & Tutorials

We're happy to announce a new front page look with better navigability and access to the information you ned to know. We've introduced a 'featured video' space for content that breaks down the more complex parts of ICANN and beyond. Our acronym of the week is an essential item for anyone lost in an acronym haze. Learn more about the new gTLDs and their stats with our 'TLD of the Week' feature.
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Recent Posts:

  • Our Article of the Week focuses on 'ICANN Accountability'. We know many of you have a lot to say about this topic--take a look at what we have so far and contribute what you know! icw.ink/1WW9xrW [November 16]
  • The first installment of the NamesCon Guide to Las Vegas, brought to you by ICANNWiki  and Seat's Taken Concierge , is now live! From food tours to a secret bar where no phones are allowed, check out our top recommendations for things to do off the beaten path while you're in Las Vegas this January.  Stay tuned for more in this series.  [December 8]
  • ICANN: Learn about #ICANN's Generic Names Supporting Organization with our new ICANN Learn course: pco.lt/1PEMnC0 [November 20]

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Our Partners
  • The South School on Internet Governance announced the 8th SSIG to take place in Washington, DC March 29 - April 1. The announcement also opened their Fellowship application process. The conference theme revolves around 'Cybersecurity & freedom of speech on the web".
  • We're just one month away from NamesCon the leading domain industry event focused on domain names and related business. NamesCon attendees include domain developers, portfolio investors, private equity/venture capitalists, IP professionals and brand marketing managers. Use this special registration link to save $100 off your ticket price, and join us in Las Vegas for keynote addresses, hands-on workshops, roundtable discussions, breakout sessions, an exhibit hall and networking.
  • In early December, Iron Mountain announced that it will digitally publish the stories of over 100 WWII veterans. The business is partnering with the National WWII Museum to edit, annotate and safely store these tales so that they are easily accessible to both solider's family and the public at large.
  • ICANN has opened it's blog for comments, opening up a new venue for discourse amongst its stakeholders. Its search for a new CEO continues. In the meantime the organization provided some general numbers of about applicant demographics.
  • Google recently released details about its newest product, Google Cardboard--a set of glasses (constructed easily with cardboard) that gives its user a virtual tour using panoramic photographs. 
  • ICANN announced its Fellows for ICANN 55 in Marrakech. ICANNWiki is excited to work with these Fellows and hold events fine-tuned for their needs. See the accepted Fellows here.
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