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Farm Resolutions
By: Kathy Daily

As you sit down to wrap up the books on another year do you find yourself having thoughts of "deja vu?" Another year has come and gone and you are still struggling with the same bookkeeping issues. You know it is important to keep good records, but time hasn't been your friend this year, or for whatever reason you put it off again. Read More

Drink Up!
By: Kathy Daily

Most people would agree, nothing brings back childhood memories more than a glass of cold milk and warm cookies. My mother always did a lot of baking around the holidays and with six kids it was always a challenge to get them in the Tupperware container before we ate them all. She used to tell us that she was saving them for guests, but I think she secretly enjoyed seeing us, and my dad, devour them. 

Penne with Chicken & Asparagus
Start the new year off with this yummy recipe .

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