Spotlight on Nutrition and Obesity

What did we learn in 2016?

February Partner Spotlight
Community Crops 
Gardens, A Healthy, Healing Place
A community garden is a place where people can not only grow fresh produce, it can be a place where hope grows as well.
A group of women fleeing domestic violence came together to tend a Crops garden plot and reaped much more than food.
The Community Crops partner highlight this month demonstrates how gardens bring people of different and like cultures together to nourish souls as well as bodies.  Read more.
February Partner Spotlight
El Centro

Wine! Tango! Chocolate!

March 4, 7PM - Midnight 

How does drinking wine, eating chocolate, and dancing the tango combine to make Lincoln healthier? 
It happens when it brings people together from all over the city to support El Centro de las Americas and its life-changing and award-winning programs.  This festive event promises great food, music, dance, and a silent auction, all for a good cause.
Wine! Chocolate! Tango! supports programs that help both adults and youth in Lincoln's Latino/Hispanic community to live productive lives, promoting education, health literacy and screening, good nutrition, fitness, and employment skills.   
Read more about El Centro and Wine! Chocolate! Tango!
10 Health TV
February Shape of the City
The first segment features a discussion on heart health with the Nebraska Heart Institute and Heart Hospital. 
In the  second segment, Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln and the Physician Network talk about the Nebraska Physicians Cancer Screening Initiative to promote early detection of colon and breast cancers.
In the final segment, the Lincoln Public Schools Wellness Program gives some tasty and healthier tips for a happy Valentine's Day.
For all the health, fitness, and wellness events happenings in the city, visit the 10 Health calendar.

What Science Told Us About

Nutrition and Obesity in 2016

In the January newsletter, we looked at the top fitness and exercise  research in 2016 affecting community health,  This month  we offer a summary of  some of the top stories about both obesity and nutrition we saw last year.

OBESITY AND THE SUGAR INDUSTRY - The sugar industry paid scientists in the 1960s to play down the link between sugar and heart disease and promote saturated fat as the culprit instead, newly released historical documents show. For many decades, health officials encouraged Americans to reduce their fat intake, which led many people to consume low-fat, high-sugar foods that some experts now blame for fueling the obesity crisis. More recent reports show that the food industry has continued to influence nutrition science.
OBESITY AND SITTING - Sitting is the new smoking   according to Dr. James Levine, director of the Mayo Clinic-Arizona State University Obesity Solutions Initiative and inventor of the treadmill desk. In fact, says Levine, similar to the effects of smoking, we lose two hours of life for every hour we sit with too much sitting to blame for all kinds of ailments, including obesity.
OBESITY AND SCREEN TIME - Kids eat what they watch and move less with too much screen time. In a new study, researchers found that children who reported spending more time on screen devices and watching television engaged in behaviors that can lead to obesity.
NUTRITION, MEDITERRANEAN VS. THE WESTERN DIET - Research shows that the Mediterranean-style diet emphasizing fruits, fish, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, olive oil, and less red meat and dairy is linked to reduced rates of heart disease, Alzheimer's, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and other disease. Conversely, other research has found a link between the chronic overconsumption of a 'western diet' -- foods consisting of high levels of sugars and fats -- leads to overeating and obesity.  
NUTRITION AND DEMENTIA - New research has found that eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, combined with regular exercise, leads to better cognitive functioning for younger and older adults, and may delay the onset of dementia.
NUTRITION AND READING SKILLS - A healthy diet boosts children's reading skills say researchers in Finland who followed 161 children from first through third grade.  They found that children whose diet was rich in vegetables, fruit, berries, whole grain, fish and unsaturated fats, and low in sugary products, did better in tests measuring reading skills than their peers with a poorer diet quality. 
Thanks to Science Daily, the New York Times, and the L.A. Times
Breastfeeding and Teen Moms
Dania DeLore is a Community Breastfeeding Educator working with teen moms to educate and encourage young mothers to breastfeed.  Dania recently testified at the legislature in support of LB427, a bill that would provide dedicated safe and clean spaces for teen mothers attending school to express milk.  Read more
The Community Breastfeeding Educator (CBE) program  is  a joint project sponsored by MilkWorks, the Asian Community and Cultural Center, and Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln that reaches out to new mothers and mothers new to America to provide peer counseling and breastfeeding education in multiple languages.  Read about the program.
Gearing Up for the Lincoln Marathon
Watch the first segment
Learn about the Lincoln Marathon, scheduled this year for May 7, and get tips on how to train from its co-director, Gary Bredehoft,  as he helps Melissa Fuller with 10 Health prepare to run in the half marathon in a new 10 Health video series. 
The series will explore all aspects of preparing for the run as well as sharing the experiences  of the runners in this years' event.  Join in with the hastag #myLNKrun
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