Monthly Newsletter | April 2020
Your #HealthyMinds Update
April is often a time of beautiful spring weather and important observances like Autism and stress awareness. But this year is very different for many of us because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We encourage you and the young people in your life to find ways to take care of your emotional and mental well-being. We can help to manage this difficult time by remembering things we're grateful for, and reframing our challenges to find the silver linings. This can help us support one another. How have you found hope during this time?

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How to Help Kids Cope with Situational Anxiety
Situational anxiety arises due to adverse events or sudden hardships, and it can negatively everyone's physical and mental health. How can parents help young people manage this type of anxiety? We share tips on our blog. Read more .
AsperDad: Growing Up with a
Parent on the Autism Spectrum (Maybe)
Resources on parenting and autism often address parents who don't have autism raising children who do. But what about the reverse? On our blog and podcast, special guest Dr. Hillary Bush reflects on growing up with a father on the autism spectrum, and strengths she felt in his parenting that stemmed from his differences.   Read more and listen .
Bipolar Disorder and The Arts: Mark Vonnegut's Story
The relationship between creativity and mental illness is a complex but important one. In our latest Parent Strategy Announcement (PSA), Dr. Mark Vonnegut shares how art helped him to overcome his own mental health challenges. Watch for more .
The Clay Center in the News

Concerns over young people's mental health are growing and widespread, but how can we address them? Dr. Gene Beresin says educating parents and caregivers can make a difference in supporting kids and teens' mental and emotional well-being.

The unexpected changes in our lives can feel overwhelming for both adults and kids. Dr. Ellen Braaten explains how parents can help maintain their families' mental and emotional health during these challenging times.

What will young children remember about this time of uncertainty? Dr. Gene Beresin says parents can help shape kids' memories by discussing their concerns with them, and reminding them of things they're grateful for.
Monthly Mindfulness:
Mindfulness Meditations & Resources
from Calm

Are you looking for ways to help your family stay calm during this challenging season? Take a look at these mindfulness meditations and exercises to help you and your kids manage your mental well-being.
Share Your Story
To help support our collective mental health, we're inviting parents and caregivers to share a challenge that your family has faced during this time, and how you've found a positive side of that challenge. Finding the silver lining of our problems can give us hope and help maintain our mental well-being.

Here's one of the stories we've received:

My siblings' teen children have organized a few online family gatherings, including a dance party! This has given them ownership over something we can all do together. I find that they feel much freer when communicating through the screen, and they've become more open to longer conversations with an adult. 
– Barb, aunt of teenagers
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