Summer Highlights and Milestones

Every day, children depend on us to help them reach their goals and realize their potential.
The past six months have been no exception. 
Henry's mom shares, "With the help of his therapists, he is more coordinated and agile on his feet. He can now climb to the top of the jungle gym! His Occupational Therapy skills are improving and he is overall happier than ever. He can use a variety of tweezers and tongs to pick up small objects, and his handwriting is improving every day." 
Connor received an adapted bike at last year's Bike for the Kids. Having this bike made his summer! Connor rode all the way around his favorite pond- more than a mile, with several stretches of pedaling himself! Way to go Connor!
We miss seeing Kate's beautiful smile in our hallways, but are happy she is doing so well at home! Her family was nervous starting tele-therapy services this Spring, but Kate's Physical and Occupational Therapists provided detailed plans using household objects. Mom, Vicki, wrote, “While it took some practicing, I learned how to best position Kate’s body. She will not be returning to school and we are now depending on Easterseals even more. Thank you for being our constant during all of this. er therapists are so kind and understanding. Without Easterseals we know Kate would have regressed."
We were thrilled to reopen our inclusive daycare in Villa Park in July for our infants and toddlers. But we know that support for children in school is vital this year. This is a challenging time for families and it is hard to know what the school year will be like for your child. With some careful preparations and conversations, your child can have success. By sharing a positive attitude surrounding school, the new rules and navigating the big changes for your child, it will help him/her feel ready to learn and ease some anxiety. Read more.
Community Partners & Grant Funding
Thank you to the local community organizations that provided quick action to support non-profits during closures and purchase new personal protective equipment (PPE).

Grand Victoria Foundation provided us instrumental funds to continue our tele-therapy services while we were unable to operate our in-center services. We thank them for their support and partnership in the Elgin community.

We sincerely thank the DuPage Foundation for their quick community action in creating their COVID-19 Response Fund. We received funding to continue supporting our families' mental health and therapy needs at home. Learn more about their fund, resources and organizations they are supporting here

Thank you Worknet DuPage for helping us purchase personal protective equipment (PPE) and update our technology! "When families go to Easterseals, whether through virtual or physical doors, the organization nurtures dreams. workNet DuPage feels proud to support critical organizations like Easterseals and help make those dreams a reality." More information found here.
Upcoming Events
5th Annual Bike for the Kids
Registration or donations are open for our 5th Annual Bike for the Kids. We encourage you to bike the route/distance of your choice whenever and wherever you want in September.

Click to learn more and read about the five children receiving bikes from the Jonathan Goers Adapted Bike Fund. 

Children's Showcase: Coming Soon!
While we will not be physically together to mark the 40th Anniversary of this event, we will celebrate the achievements of each child together! Stay tuned for the launch on 10.10.20!
Virtual Volunteer Opportunities: Anytime!
  1. Host a virtual fundraiser for Easterseals
  2. Participate in a social distanced landscaping project
  3. Create a pre-recorded or live video presentation for preschool or pre-K age children in our inclusive child care program:
  • Share a talent
  • Read a book
  • Play an instrument/sing a song
  • Give a virtual tour of your workplace

Contact Courtney Bronec for more information.