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What Potential Board Members Should Consider 


Stanford University's Center for Social Innovation (CSI) has isolated some tangibles -and intangibles - that people who'd like to serve on a nonprofit board should cons ...(Read More) 


""Having been in this industry for many years, I have worked with a variety of audit firms. Gilbert is hands down the best - they are knowledgeable, thoughtful,and precise, from staff to partner level position, I am truly impressed by the quality of  their services."" 
  - Aspire Public School
APRIL 2015


Demonstrating commitment to ethical standards is one way a nonprofit can show that it's worthy of the public's trust and its donors' gifts. Developing a code of ethics - and following it - tells its members that the organization lives up to its ideals. We highlight important factors to consider when developing a code of ethics statement.

Also, whether or not you employ external auditors, you can use audit techniques such as year-to-year trends and benchmarking to other nonprofits to get a better, more accurate perspective on your organization's revenue. We have identified some considerations that you should make in order to help you think like an auditor.

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Buy-or-Lease Conundrum: Weigh the Pros and Cons of Each Option Before Deciding 


Is your nonprofit currently leasing your facility? And have you wondered if you should buy property instead of renewing the lease when it expires? Or, perhaps, your landlord has just informed you that the building will be sold - and renewing your lease isn't an option.

Whatever your reason for making the buy-or-lease decision, the process itself can be tough, with many factors to consider. Here are some pros and cons for both alternatives...(Read More) 

Think Like an Auditor - What Can You Learn About Your Revenue Picture?

When auditors examine a nonprofit's financial statements they spend a lot of time on the revenue figures. They look at the accounting methods used to record revenues and perform a detailed income analysis to gain a true understanding of the organization's revenue profile. All of this 

helps them get up to speed on the nonprofit's financial health.

et ready to roll - Whether or not you employ external auditors, you can use audit techniques, including year-to-year trends and benchmarking to other nonprofits, to get a better view of your organization's revenue. In particular, consider the foll ...(Read More)