Empowering the Nonviolent Opposition to Unnecessary Guns in the Home 

Silent No More

Dear Friends,

Six months ago this week, something happened that has changed us all.  Since then, we at The ENOUGH Campaign have made a vow to continue to speak out and encourage others to speak out until real and meaningful change happens.

The ENOUGH Campaign has launched a campaign aimed at the majority of the American public who want stronger, common sense gun laws (a.k.a. the "silent majority") to help them share their voice.

#voices summons ALL people who have had ENOUGH, whether dedicated activists or not, to lend their voice to the gun debate, letting our lawmakers and the public at large know that this conversation surrounding gun violence will not go away until common sense gun laws are set in place to protect the families and people of America.

This campaign will run through June 14, 2013, the six month anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, where 20 first-graders and six educators were shot and killed using a semi-automatic rifle.

Among the #voices challenges, The ENOUGH Campaign is asking people to:
  • Lend your voice on social media, addressing why ending gun violence is important to you personally - adding the twitter hashtag #voices at the end and posting on our (and your) facebook page
  • Make your voice heard by calling your representative and telling them to support common sense gun laws
  • Tell us your story about why you are thinking, feeling, and acting to help reduce gun violence
You can begin by making your voice heard loud and clear by contacting The ENOUGH Campaign on Facebook at facebook.com/TheEnoughCampaign and on Twitter at twitter.com/ENOUGHCampaign1.

The #voices campaign will culminate with a moment of silence on June 14 at 9:30 AM.   This is the only time when we will be silent.

In Peace,
The ENOUGH Campaign Team
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 Today we're highlighting the voice of one of The ENOUGH Campaign's leaders:

"I watched my 1st grade daughter leave for school the next school day after Sandy Hook and thought my heart would break. I couldn't keep her in a bubble, I know, but what kind of world am I sending her out into? Thankfully, I'm of able mind and body and knew I had to do something.

"Living in fear of sending my kids to school is out of the question. I knew that as time passed, the feeling of urgency and fear was going to dissipate. I knew with the next big news story, the next high profile homicide, celebrity drug overdose or political scandal, the reason these 26 innocent lives were taken would be lost. We can't have that. Not while anyone and everyone could get their hands on a gun that could destroy the lives of so many in mere seconds.

"Things have changed a little bit since, but not even close to enough. These children were learning addition and hadn't even lost their baby teeth yet... If these little 6 year old lives don't cause you to keep on this issue, what will?"
 - Medha Thomas, board member, The ENOUGH Campaign

Please send your#voice to The ENOUGH Campaign at
Gun Safety Legislation
Moving Forward State by State
One Community at a Time
We couldn't be prouder of our fellow states who have been struck by common sense in the fight for safer neighborhoods through stronger gun laws.  Thank you Nevada, California, Maryland, Delaware and others who are stepping up for their citizens.

Senate Bill 221, sponsored by Sen. Justin Jones, D-Las Vegas, NV, a bill to require background checks on private gun sales, appeared dead early last Monday, but in an unexpected move, the Assembly Judiciary Committee approved it on a 7-5 vote.

California Gun Law Enforces Microstamping of Semi-Automatic Handgun Info Onto Bullets

A bill signed into law by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2007 is finally in effect in California. All new semi-automatic handguns must be equipped to microstamp bullet casings with the make, model and serial number of the gun.

Maryland: Gov.O'Malley signs gun bill

Gov. Martin O'Malley on Thursday signed a gun safety bill that is among the country's most sweeping legislative responses to the December mass shooting in Newtown, Conn.

Delaware: Markell signs gun bill

Gov. Jack Markell enacted legislation requiring background checks on most private guns sales. The law, which takes effect July 1, is the first piece in a package of Democrat-sponsored gun bills introduced earlier this year to clear the Legislature.
Demonstrations in Washington DC
Virginians for Responsible Gun Laws

Virginians for Responsible Gun Laws, an organization who lobbies for stronger gun laws in Richmond and Washington DC, are holding events all this week to mark the 6 month anniversary of Sandy Hook. Please participate to let Congress know that we won't go away until meaningful action occurs.

Monday at the White House
11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Demonstration in Support of Common Sense Gun Legislation

WHEN: Monday, June 10th, 2013 - 11am to 1pm
WHERE: In front of the north side of the White House
WHY: Virginians for Responsible Gun Laws say ENOUGH!

Contact va4respgunlaws@gmail.com for more information.
Ribbon of Remembrance
A Moving Tribute

Washington DC Friends (and friends that can get to DC on Thursday, June 13th):

A human green ribbon is being formed in front of the US Capitol to commemorate the six-month anniversary of the Sandy Hook School Shooting as well as to remember all of those lost to gun violence before and since. Once it is formed, we will have a moment of silence.

We invite you to participate! We will provide a green shirt for you so we will need an RSVP for planning purposes and T-shirt orders. We will post how to reserve your size in a few days.

Please share this info with friends who may want to be a part of this.  Go to NewtownAction.org to learn more.
It Can Happen Here.

Artists Against Gun Violence

Music duo raises money and awareness

Kori and Jason, musicians and concerned citizens. 
Mates of State, an awesome two-person band with an unmistakable sound and cult following play Saturday, June 15, 2013 at Spaceland ballroom in Hamden, CT.  Throughout the show they will have a table with anti-gun violence material designed to prompt fans to take action.  Along with The ENOUGH Campaign other anti-gun violence organizations represented will be CAGV (Connecticut Against Gun Violence), Sandy Hook Promise and It Can Happen Here.  The band has designed a special green T-shirt (above) from which the proceeds will be donated to anti-gun violence efforts in Connecticut. 

Come visit The ENOUGH Campaign and say hello.  See you there!

Kori's #voice

We had been wondering how Mates of State became involved in the anti-gun violence movement, so we spoke to Kori Gardner Hammel, one-half of the music duo, and asked her to lend The ENOUGH Campaign her #voice.  What follows is a candid, heartfelt account of how their accidental activism all began:

"I'm in a band from CT called Mates of State.  I grew up 15 minutes from Sandy Hook.  My kids go to school nearby.  My parents were friends of Mary Sherlack who was the guidance counselor at the school.  This hit way too close to home for me to do nothing.  And I'm actually ashamed I didn't wake up before this.

"We played a show in Hoboken a couple days after the Newtown tragedy and I found myself realizing that I either needed to cancel the show or I needed to say something about the elephant in the room-I decided not to be numb. I told the audience that we are from CT, that we are devastated and that I've never been "political" on stage before.  I then said, "Tonight I'm going to hang around after the show to discuss the issue of gun violence and what happened in Newtown with anyone willing to talk."  I welcomed all opinions.  And it was such relief to talk openly about it all.

"The first step in making progress in any situation is having real discussion.  It's not being afraid to open up. 

"I reached out to my friends.  I posted that I wanted to do that more...just talk about it...in person.  I wanted to discuss what we were supposed to do now, given that the unthinkable was possible--15 miles away from our home.   Many of my friends weren't ready to discuss it-still aren't in fact.  Even more weren't ready to do anything active (and I have a lot of artistic and radically thinking friends so it was a little surprising).  But some were ready.

"With them, I started a private group called Women's Discussion Group.   We discussed many things: a need for peace education, mental health access without this societal stigma, and school security (all of us are moms with kids in school.) We discussed gender issues in our society and how this could contribute to isolation in young men and of course, we realized the first place to get real action was in gun legislation and regulation. 

"The facts were alarming-how could we not have known all this before? An average of 33 people shot and killed in our country daily?  Guns sold without a background check-all the time?  One hundred rounds of ammo??  Really?  Originally we toyed with the idea that we should just be the radical group, even name ourselves "F*ck Guns."  We could be the group that says we really don't give a crap about your Second Amendment - these weapons are killing our children. Wake up.

"But we decided to take the lead of other new groups with a common sense message, and listen to other groups who'd already been fighting this fight for years and knew how to make progress and also how not to get every door slammed in your face.

"We attended March for Change, we attended public hearings (where we met ENOUGH members standing in the snow with many pro-gun lobbyists), we made phone calls, wrote letters, signed hundreds of petitions, sent emails, we met with our senators and we followed and discussed every other group that formed in reaction to Sandy Hook.

Photo: Peter Hapak 
"We're a small candid bunch and we like it that way but we're on board with all of you-doing what we think will change this culture of violence.  We believe there is a need to unify all these groups.  Like the cicadas emerging after 17 years, we can make a deafening sound-all of us together. 

"So, I'm in a band that has never been known to be political (save for a PETA ad once and a benefit show every now and then.) And, I still do not plan on standing on stage and preaching.  But I do believe that having an audience of any size gives me the chance to spread the word in a positive way.  And my word, my message, is this- we should at the very least all be talking about this.  We should not be numb.  Gun violence is not going away if we turn our heads and look away.  My hope is that in talking, we can all find within ourselves a need to do something.   Maybe some don't have kids yet and they feel this is a mom's movement.  Maybe they don't know where to start- maybe they weren't ready to jump on board yesterday, maybe they own a gun and feel like they are conflicted with choosing a "side."  Or maybe they didn't know how good you feel when you are actively helping by marching, calling, writing or, just showing up.  Maybe they just don't know it's as easy as a click to say "I agree with common sense."

"I'm not doing anything big.  I'm simply going to start by having a table at our next show on June 15 in Hamden at the Spaceland Ballroom.  Groups such as CAGV, ENOUGH, Sandy Hook Promise, and more will have info to give out.  There will be a list of recommended groups to follow.  And at some point in the set I'll tell the crowd to please stop by the table and if they aren't being active in reducing violence in our community and they want to start, please join any group you want and begin today.   We'll also have limited edition green band shirts with CT on the front for sale.  Proceeds from those will go to CAGV.

"I could probably do more than a table and a T-shirt and I'm sure in the future I will.  But for now I just want more people to simply discuss.  And then, act."

- Kori Gardner Hammel 
"You don't have a gun problem, you have a violence problem."
Here, have some Gunsense.

Gunsense is a blog worth reading!  Check it out here: 

Also, check out this great new resource:
"More Gun Deaths Since Newtown Than U.S. Troops Killed In Iraq"

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A brief history: In the wake of the Newtown massacre, several moms from Fairfield County banded together to form The ENOUGH Campaign, a grassroots community organization created to protect families and citizens of Connecticut from gun violence through advocacy and education.

The ENOUGH Campaign is an all-volunteer run, grassroots organization.  We are so grateful for everyone involved in this effort to make our cities and towns a safer place to live, and we thank you!

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