3-15-2022 | Issue 6
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Falken Tires, known as a leader in high-performance tire technology for cars, trucks, SUVs, and crossovers, has successfully built a reputation as a full-line tire manufacturer with a long history of delivering high quality, high-value products.

Joel Aldridge, Fleet Sales Manager
Falken Tire Corp
8656 Haven Ave
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
Phone: (772) 208-7158

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Home | Pivotal Retention

Whatever the cause of your turnover - compensation, home time, business type, equipment, or any other issue - better engagement is the solution that leads to diminished turnover. A driver that is engaged with the team and the organization is...

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Tim Smith, President
Pivotal Retention
1340 Stoneham St
Superior, CO 80027
Phone: (630) 310-6724
Crowe-Mallette & Associates PLLC

Navigating the financial highway to drive your business forward OR - Navigating the financial highway toward your desired destination. Book your free 30 minute consultation

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Julie Mallette, Chief Education Officer
Crowe-Mallette & Associates
4710 Hixson Pike
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Phone: (762) 200-2342

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The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security has changed the 7 day wait period to schedule a CDL Skills Test. The waiting period has been reduced to 3 days. We would like to thank the Department of Safety Driver Services for assisting in this. Please let us know if you have any questions. 
Support and be a part of TDC/TSC by sponsoring these events. These events aren't possible without your generous support!!!
The TDC competition allows TTA member drivers to test their knowledge of the industry, driving skills, and overall professional competence. The winners of this competition are eligible to compete in the American Trucking Associations' National Truck Driving Championships Indianapolis, IN on August 16-19, 2022.
This program has been a great asset in promoting professionalism and safety consciousness among participating drivers and a positive image of our industry with the public. Please consider sponsoring these events. Download TDC Sponsorship FormIf you sponsored in the past and would like to make the same commitment you can simply contact Marty Pollock at or Carol Foster at
The TSC competition allows TTA member technicians to test their knowledge of the medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, including both theory and practical application. The Grand Champion is eligible to compete in the Super Tech Competition September 25-29, 2022 in Cleveland, OH. Download TSC Sponsorship Form. If you sponsored in the past and would like to make the same commitment you can simply reply to this email or you can email Shane Deppermann or Cory Sellars
If you have any questions or have problems accessing the Website or downloading the forms, call the TTA office at (615) 777-2882.
Join the Tennessee Trucking Association and the Young Professionals Council in our bowling benefit for the Tennessee Trucking Foundation!
If you have any questions, please contact Ashlee Taylor at (615) 777-2882 or
Mark your calendars and please join us for our Sporting Clay event on April 5, 2022 This event will start at 8:00 am CST with our Crazy Quail kick-off game! This will be followed by the sporting clay shoot immediately after with a 10 am CST shotgun start. Lunch will be at 12 pm CST. This event is open to all skill levels. No shooting experience is necessary. Safety Officers will be on hand to assist.
Registration fee: $195.00 per shooter ($780 for a Team of 4) which includes ammo, gun rental, 75 targets, eye/ear protection, and lunch.
Crazy quail costs $20.00 for 25 targets. You must provide ammo for the Crazy Quail which is available from the gun club.
Course Sponsor $2,500.00 - SPONSOR NOW
Ammunition Sponsor $1,500.00 - SPONSOR NOW
Lunch Sponsor $1,500.00 - SPONSOR NOW
T-Shirt Sponsor $1,000.00 SPONSOR NOW
Station Sponsors (11 Available) $500.00 - SPONSOR NOW
1st Place Prize Sponsor - Taimen Trucklines, LLC
2nd Place Prize Sponsor - Corporate Medical Services
Best Rookie Sponsor - Adams and Reese LLP
Best Female Sponsor - Adams and Reese LLP
Best CDL Sponsor - Best One Tire & Service
 Farsighted Sponsor - Adams and Reese LLP
Team of 4 $780- PURCHASE NOW
One Shooter $195 - PURCHASE NOW
Crazy Quail $20 - PURCHASE NOW
The Tennessee Trucking Association will make its annual visit to the Hill in Nashville, TN, on April 6, 2022. The event with members of the Tennessee House and Senate will begin at 9:00 am. We have not had the opportunity to do this in the past 2 years due to Covid restrictions. Tennessee regulations and policies are important factors in the business decisions made by trucking companies every day. Your participation is invited and needed. As always, we will make appointments with key House and Senate members, but, you are welcome to make visits to your respective Senator and Representative, as well.
Following our visits to the Hill that day, we will hold a Legislative Reception at the offices of Adams and Reese beginning at 4:30 pm. All members of the General Assembly will be invited to attend this event, as well. The reception will be held at Adams and Reese’s new location located at 1600 West End Avenue, Suite 1400, Nashville, TN 37203.
Trucking has a voice on important issues, including our full-time lobbyist, Dale Allen, and his team, working on our behalf with the Tennessee General Assembly. We keep leadership and members informed of important legislation with email alerts and legislative reports during the legislative session. We hope you will be able to join us for the calls during the day or the evening reception.
Please click here to register online for this event or contact Donna England at or (615) 777-2882 to advise if you can, or cannot, join our group on this important visit so we can have an accurate count of those who will attend either event. Thanks very much, and we look forward to having you with us!
Donna England
President & CEO
Tennessee Trucking Association
Women In Trucking Association Announces 2022 Top Women...

Plover, WI - March 14, 2022 - The Women In Trucking Association (WIT) announced today its fifth annual list of Top Women to Watch in Transportation. The editorial staff of WIT's Redefining the Road, WIT's official magazine, selected these...

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FMCSA has made some recent minor form updates to some of the driver qualification file paperwork. These changes are not mandatory and suggest more of a best practices approach. The changes are summarized on the PDF attached
Register for the East TN Big Rigs for Little Kids Charity Golf Tournament
 A 3.50% Convenience Fee Will Be Added for Credit Cards Only. THERE IS NO FEE FOR DEBIT CARDS.
Registration is now available for the East TN Tournament
Egwani Farms Golf Course
Benefiting East Tennessee Children's Hospital and the TTF Scholarship Fund
You can download a copy by clicking on the link(s) above or by visiting our web site at
 Complete you Registration Form and mail it to: 
Tennessee Trucking Association
4531 Trousdale Drive
Nashville, TN 37204
 or email it to 
Register for the Middle TN Big Rigs for Little Kids Charity Golf Tournament
 A 3.50% Convenience Fee Will Be Added for Credit Cards Only. THERE IS NO FEE FOR DEBIT CARDS.
Registration is now available for the Middle TN Tournament
The Hermitage Golf Course
Benefiting the Nashville Ronald McDonald House and the TTF Scholarship Fund
SPONSORSHIP - We need your generous support to make this the best one yet! Show your support by selecting one of our sponsorship opportunities. You can download the sponsorship form here . 
You can download a copy by clicking on the link(s) above or by visiting our web site at
 Complete you Registration Form and mail it to: 
Tennessee Trucking Association
4531 Trousdale Drive
Nashville, TN 37204
 or email it to 

Ready to ‘Spring Forward’?

The switch to Daylight Saving Time can increase the risk of driver fatigue and crashes, but there are a number of ways to reduce the danger. Any time change can exacerbate drowsiness because your internal clock has not adjusted to the time change. This can lead to disruptions in sleep until your body adjusts, which can take a few days to a week.

We all lose an hour of sleep from time to time. But daylight-saving time is more than that. People are more prone to having some types of cardiovascular events because of the change in time. If you travel from Memphis to Knoxville, you lose an hour, but a shift in the light cycle accompanies the change. When it’s time to spring forward, you don’t get that cue.

Tips to help ease into the Time Change

Avoid driving during rush hour and from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. The risk of having an accident on the road increases during these time periods. Driving between 2-4 a.m. is particularly dangerous because a person’s circadian rhythm is at its lowest during this timeframe, and when a driver is already sleep-deprived, the desire to sleep during the circadian low is even greater.
Get a full night’s sleep. Health experts recommend that drivers should try to get a full night’s sleep -- at least seven to eight hours -- in order to avoid drowsiness. For those who have experienced several sleepless nights in a row, getting more rest is crucial. In those cases, drivers will need several days of restful sleep to compensate for the sleep debt.
Pay attention to signs of drowsy driving. There are certain signs to look out for when driving during the transition between time changes. They include slow eyelid closures, yawning, the gentle swaying of the head, seat fidgeting, difficulty staying in your lane, difficulty maintaining speed, and delayed reactions.

Springing Forward with Safety

To help mitigate the dangers on the road associated with the springtime change, professional truck drivers consider the following precautions:

  • Ensure your vehicle’s headlights, taillights, signals, and auxiliary lights are clean and in good working order (refer to §396.13 Driver inspection). Make sure headlights are properly aligned, windows are cleaned, and mirrors are adjusted for optimal visibility.
  • Eliminate distractions to help keep your focus on driving. Finish eating; secure and store away all loose items, and adjust the vehicle’s systems and controls before heading out.
  • Remain aware of how your body adjusts to the time change in the first few weeks after the clocks are reset, and do all you can to combat fatigue while on the road.
While there is no “magic formula” for adjusting to the time change, ultimately, the responsibility for safe driving is yours. Avoid becoming part of the statistics by staying alert, keeping your speed in check, and maintaining plenty of space around your vehicle. And remember, while you may be doing all you can to reduce the dangers associated with the springtime change, you’ll be surrounded by other drivers who are not. Buckle up and drive defensively!
Marty Pollock | Director of Safety
Tennessee Trucking Association

March 16, 2022 - Manchester Roadside | Manchester Scales

March 17 & 18, 2022 - Fatal Vision Training | TTA Office

Mar 24-26, 2022 - Mid American Truck Show | Lousiville, KY

March & 26, 2022 - HCA CarFit

If you would like to schedule an event, please contact
the TTA Office at (615) 777-2882.
Tennessee Trucking Foundation Contribution

Want to make a contribution to our Foundation? You can easily donate to the foundation on our website. Thank you to all that support our Foundations mission. 

  • Advancing highway safety
  • Educating the public through programs designed to make our roads safer
  • Providing Tennessee children’s charities with funds to improve the lives of our state’s children
  • The TTF Scholarship, administered annually by the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee