Preparation for Bas Mitzvah
We celebrate our students entering Jewish adulthood at the Annual Bas Mitzvah Dinner, which is scheduled this year for Sunday, February 23rd, 2020.
At this Mother-Daughter Dinner, each child is presented with a siddur from the Ladies Auxiliary as well as a certificate with her proper Hebrew name.
Each student participates in a concert performance which highlights the themes and middos which were studied in Project Yud Beis. The practices generally take place on Motzei Shabbos, beginning in December.
Bas Mitzvah Parties
Many parents decide to host a private Bas Mitzvah party for their daughter. To avoid conflicts in scheduling, Mrs. Shani Goldfeder has kindly agreed to take reservations from parents so that no two parties from the same class are scheduled at the same time. (It is not considered a conflict for two girls from different home rooms to have a party at the same time.) Please contact Mrs. Shani Goldfeder at 410-358-4432 or shani@goldfeder.us to reserve your date. This is not a perfect system and parents could decide to schedule a Bas Mitzvah on a previously reserved date. This system is only meant to minimize the chances of conflict so that our children can comfortably share in each other's simchos.
As your daughter becomes a Bas Mitzvah, she enters the realm of a responsible member of Klal Yisroel. We ask that you focus on this meaningful message with your daughter when planning this occasion. The party should have a "Toradik taam" with Jewish music and in a modest setting. On the other hand, if attention is given only to an ostentatious setting with glamourous non-Jewish entertainment, then an important opportunity has been lost. Becoming a Bas Mitzvah then means little more than having an outlandish party.
In order for the celebration to be done with sensitivity, while respecting the values of Bais Yaakov and the feelings of your daughter's classmates, we ask that you be mindful of the following:
1) If classmates are invited, then the entire homeroom should be invited. If you invite 5 or more girls from another class, then the entire class should be invited so no one feels left out.
2) Please encourage your daughter to attend each Bas Mitzvah within her homeroom. A lot of time and effort has been invested by the Bas Mitzvah girl to plan her event.
3) If dairy is served, please serve Cholov Yisrael.
4) Jewish music only should be played.
5) We understand that most parties do not include dancing. However, if dancing will be part of the program, then please make sure that the girls dance behind a mechitzah.
6) We recommend hosting the party at home. If that's not possible, then a modest setting is appropriate.
7) The girls should not bring any form of smartphone, IPhone, etc. We ask that the hosts make sure that a phone is available in case a student needs to call home.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to Rabbi Hexter or Mrs. Stern.

Rabbi Naftoli Hexter
Mrs. Tzivi Stern
6th Grade Counselor