August 2017 Newsletter
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Summer is a wonderful time of year to slow down, relax, and enjoy the beautiful community we live in. 


No matter what your plans this summer, grab a book to take along. Check out our New in Paperback section for all the latest titles. Our staff have been doing our summer reading too, and have read and recommend the books in the Staff Picks section. 


Come into our Qualicum store on August 26th for summer savings. The whole village will be participating in this special one day sale!


Keep reading down this newsletter to see our other store news and be sure to read all the way to the bottom to see if you are this month's Great Book Giveaway winner!


Happy SUMMER reading,
Barb & Tom
Leigh's Pick
The Good People
by Hannah Kent
Short-listed for the Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction

Releases September 19th
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"In this eerie and tragic story set in 19th century Ireland, Kent has skilfully portrayed the rural culture of survival and superstition. A compelling read!"

Marianne's Pick
A Stranger in the House
By Shari Lapena

Releases August 15th
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"If it's a fast moving, compulsive, summer mystery you're looking for then this is the book for you. 
Tom returns home from work to find his wife's car missing, dinner cooking on the stove, and her purse and phone in their bedroom. Then he gets a call from the Police saying she's been in a car accident in a dangerous part of town."   

Barb's Pick
Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine
By Gail Honeyman

"Eleanor Oliphant walked right off the page and into my heart.  I loved this truly original anti-heroine, with her hilarious, unpredictable charm.  Her journey out of dark shadows and her budding friendship with Raymond, the bumbling and deeply unhygienic IT guy from her office opens up all sorts of possibilities for Eleanor - even love - which is completely fine in the end."


Jan's Pick
Dead Reckoning The Untold Story of the Northwest Passage
By Ken McGoogan

Releases Sept. 26th
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"Ken McGoogan has written several books on polar exploration.  This one is a fascinating account told from a Canadian perspective.  It is an examination of the contributions of many of the lesser-known polar explorers which finally brings the importance of indigenous and Inuit knowledge to the forefront.  It also looks at relevant modern-day issues in the Arctic including sovereignty and climate change."

Tom's Pick
Finding Gobi
by Dion Leonard

"This is a great read about a little stray dog, Gobi, finding Dion Leonard the ultramarathon runner on the Gobi desert in China.  This heartwarming story is exciting with many twists and turns, that make it into a feel good page turner written with heart.  You don't have to be a dog lover to enjoy this life changing  real life story." 

Carol's Pick
The History of Bees
by Maja Lunde

Releases August 22nd
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"This is a thought provoking novel that weaves a story around the lives of beekeepers from three different eras on three continents.  It is part natural history, part family drama and entirely gripping."

Junk Raft
An Ocean Voyage and a Rising Tide of Activism to Fight Plastic Pollution
by Marcus Eriksen

News media brought the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch" the famous swirling gyre of plastic pollution in the ocean, into the public consciousness. But when Marcus Eriksen cofounded the 5 Gyres Institute with his wife, Anna Cummins, and set out to study the world's oceans with hundreds of volunteers, they discovered a "plastic smog" of microscopic debris that permeates our oceans globally, defying simple clean up efforts. What's more, these microplastics and their toxic chemistry have seeped into the food chain, threatening marine life and humans alike.
Fall Down 7 Times Get Up 8

A Young Man's Voice From the Silence of Autism
by Naoki Higashida

Naoki Higashida wrote The Reason I Jump  as a 13-year-old boy with severe autism, giving us all insight into a world never before open to us. Now he shares his thoughts and experiences as a 24-year-old. Based on his hugely succesful blogs in Japan, he gives us, in short powerful chapters, his moving, beautiful insights into life, identity, education, his family, our society, and personal growth.

The True Story of the Quest to Revive One of History's Most Iconic Extinct Creatures
by Ben Mezrich

Ben Mezrich takes us on an exhilarating true adventure story from the icy terrain of Siberia to the cutting-edge genetic labs of Harvard University.
A group of young scientists, under the guidance of Dr. George Church, the most brilliant geneticist of our time, works to make fantasy reality by sequencing the DNA of a frozen woolly mammoth harvested from above the Arctic circle, and splicing elements of that sequence into the DNA of a modern elephant. Will they be able to turn the hybrid cells into a functional embryo and bring the extinct creatures to life in our modern world?
Building Small

Sustainable Designs for Tiny Houses & Backyard Buildings
by David & Jeanie Stiles

Do you daydream about downsizing your living space? Or perhaps you long for a more eco-friendly and sustainable way of life. The tiny house movement continues to gain popularity as more and more people look to simplify their lives and reconnect with nature.

Building Small  is your key to joining the tiny house revolution with designs for homes as well as a range of backyard buildings including workspaces and sheds. There's tons of practical how-to construction advice including best practices, common pitfalls and tips for the do-it-yourself carpenter. 
Homegrown & Handmade
A Practical Guide to More Self-Reliant Living
by Deborah Niemann

In Homegrown and Handmade , Deborah shows how making things from scratch and growing some of your own food can help you eliminate artificial ingredients from your diet, reduce your carbon footprint, and create a more authentic life.

Whether your goal is increasing your self-reliance or becoming a full-fledged homesteader, it's packed with answers and solutions to help you rediscover traditional skills, take control of your food from seed to plate, and much more.
Splash 18
Value - Celebrating Light and Dark
by Rachel Rubin Wolf

Splash 18  explores how acclaimed watercolour artists use value to give their paintings meaning, energy and life. The result is another bold collection of expressive art, rich with insight from the artists themselves on how they strive for and achieve expression. See what happens when artists paint what they love, and love what they paint.
Being the Change:

Live Well and Spark a Climate Revolution
by Peter Kalmus

We all want to be happy. Yet as we consume ever more in a frantic bid for happiness, global warming worsens. Alarmed by drastic changes now occurring in the Earth's climate systems, the author, a climate scientist and suburban father of two, embarked on a journey to change his life and the world. He began by bicycling, growing food, meditating, and making other simple, fulfilling changes. Ultimately, he slashed his climate impact to under a tenth of the US average and became happier in the process.

Girl with a Sewing Machine

by Jenniffer Taylor

Using Jenniffer's fun and imaginative ideas, this book will teach you how to get started transforming unloved items of clothing into new and exciting outfits; how to customize clothes with doilies, tassels, tie-dyeing and block printing; and finally how to measure yourself, create patterns and make clothes from scratch, including dresses, skirts, tops, trousers and a coat. 

The book is packed with all the tricks of the trade that Jenniffer has learned along her sewing journey, and will get you started on your own #sewingrevolution!


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Lynne Bartock