Volume 7 | July 2018
Daisy Foss

Motivational Healer
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News, Events & Therapies       July 2018
Perk Up Your Petals with Daisy Foss
Daisy with angel wings
Be Crystal Clear in
Your Connection,

Open Your Heart to
Your Inner Being,

Be as Fresh as a Daisy
Halo Angels

Wow, what a summer we are having, so much Sun, Sea and Sand. The heat is on in London and the South West, the Tor has a golden glow to it as the grass feels the sun's effects.

Our Summer Solstice retreat was so well attended, the energy surpassed previous events. Thank you to all those who came to all of our Solstice events and the many people from the Rose Quartz Community who joined us on our Facebook live transmissions. The videos are still on my Daisy Foss Facebook page and will be in my next blog post, if you want to catch up with the energy. I heard from three RQC members who had see the sunrise at Stonehenge and were resting in the car park when I went live on Facebook, they felt the double whammy energy link from Stonehenge and Glastonbury. I quote "It was awesome, and really made our Stonehenge Summer Solstice experience this year".

The Solstice Angels of Awakening workshop was amazing, the theme was "Healing The Wounded Healer" and we all went back to our Egyptian roots, released the hurt and reconnected with the joy of our ancient wisdom. Everyone shone with renewed, re-manifested self love and compassion. My next event is over the Autumn Equinox in September, I have three rooms left if you want to come and increase your healing abilities and feel better in yourself.

Paul and I returned to Arillas in Corfu for our 15th Wedding anniversary. It is such a beautiful space of love, with wonderful people and a fabulous vibe. I met up with Will Thornton and Ammapremma Grace, two of my friends from VortexHealing ® and many other familiar faces from Glastonbury too. They have wonderful conferences and events and we would love to take our own retreats there next year, who would like to come with us?

Talking about Retreats, we have had some amazing feed back from our new improved "Group Accommodation" package this year. The guests have all expressed how much they love being here with a new found freedom of self catering and more exclusivity. We are taking bookings for the rest of 2018 and 2019.

I am in London next week 23rd to 27th July in Barnes, if you want to experience the Vortexhealing ® Divine Energy healing Manifesting Intention transmission. It is proving to be quite exceptional with incredible results with my regular clients, its certainly gone up a notch!
Call me if you would like a taster session.

Love Daisy

With Brightest Blessings from Merlin and the Angels
My Summer Solstice Retreat with the Rose Quartz Community
Rose Quartz Angel Community

If you are someone who has had a healing with me , visited the Daisy Centre or been to one of my workshops or meditations and connected with the Rose Quartz Angels, you can automatically become a member of our community.

If you introduce a friend or someone who needs healing to me you can collect Rose Quartz Angel Loyalty (RQA) stamps for discounted sessions. This is something I'm trying as a new idea to share my healing practice with more clients in 2018.

One RQA Stamp for sending or giving me a testimony about your experience.

Two RQA Stamps every healing session with Daisy

Three RQA Stamps for introducing a friend for one healing session or a night at the Daisy Centres Glastonbury.

Six Rose Quartz Angel Loyalty stamps give you £10 off your healing session.

Now that I have the exclusive use of the healing room in Manor Green Clinic, I will be able to offer an even more varied menu of modalities to existing clients. See all the things daisy can do for you further down this newsletter.

Angels Of Awakening Heart Opening & Healing for £85 ~ £80 concession
VortexHealing(R) Divine Energy Healing for £85 ~ £80 concession
Crystal Healing Sessions for a special price of £60 each when you book a series of Four Healing sessions in London or Glastonbury.

I have listed the extent of my repertoire below, you may recognise that I do incorporate them within a healing session already. However if you have never had an Oracle Card reading, Crystal Healing or Motivational healing session with me why not give it a try.

Terms and Conditions available on request.
Give me a call on 07970 108156 if you'd like to book.

Bring Your Group
to the Daisy Centre

Groups love staying at the Daisy Centre, for it's luxurious accommodation (up to 14 people), wonderful workshop space, beautiful garden and serene atmosphere. We've hosted hundreds of groups over the last 12 years and specialise in giving our guests a unique experience. Whether it is a pilgrimage to Glastonbury, Yoga or Spiritual Retreat, Family Gathering, Sound or any other Workshop activity or Creative Art Weekend you can enjoy it here in the Daisy Centres Retreat.

We've still got some space in the calendar for you to bring your group in 2018 and 2019.

Booking pack available on request.
Give me a call on 07970 108156 if you'd like to know more.
Autumn Equinox Healing Celebration

21st - 25th September 2018

There will be 5 group healing sessions and the New Cycle Begins of the Ancient Egyptian Wisdom. Healing the Wounds of the Priests and Priestesses of the Egyptian Temples workshop on Saturday 22nd September.

We have a Full Mon Ceremony on Tuesday 25th September, to honour the summer and the harvest.

I will also be giving free tasters of MI and full healing sessions to all those who ask me. We still have one room available for accommodation, we welcome people coming for the day or individual meditations.

See my events page and below for all the yummy things that will happen during this retreat.

As a gift from the Angels to my regular guests and those who wish to stay with us for the weekend. The accommodation price will be last years price, the single room is £50 for Raphael, £80 for Madonna, Micheal & Melchizedek as a twin and £90 for Merlin the ensuite room as a double or twin, whether you wish to come for the weekend, by yourself or with a friend. Click here for more.

We've got a programme of workshops, meditations and healing events with the Angels of Awakening over the Solstice and we'd love to see you at some or all of them! 

Coming up next:
Winter Solstice 5 day retreat - 20th -22nd December 2018
Reiki Workshops
with Jasmine

Reiki Level 1 ~ Self Healing Attunement

Reiki Level I ~ Self-Healing Attunement is a one-day workshop which offers an introduction to the serenity of this gentle, yet powerful, ancient energy healing technique. Reiki Level 1 is a certified Reiki Attunement. This wonderful therapy will give you peace, clarity, balance, focus, a feeling of inner calm and self-empowerment. The day begins with an introduction into the history of Reiki, the Reiki Attunement process, and a chance to practice Reiki upon oneself. A full Reiki manual and certificate is provided. This workshop is open to students who would like to re-sit their Reiki 1 Attunement.

Follow up support is available after the workshop. Reiki Level 1 is suitable for everyone wishing to learn a skill for their own self development, or for students considering the Reiki Level 2 ~ Full Reiki Practitioner certification. Also, existing therapists of other healing modalities, will have the ability to channel the Reiki energy in their own therapy sessions with clients.

Reiki Level 2 ~ Full Reiki Practitioner Level

Reiki level 2 will enable the student to become a Full Reiki Practitioner, who can then be fully insured to work upon clients. You will learn how to give Reiki treatment to clients, and how to work with the Reiki symbols with clients. Plus, other Reiki Level 2 information. A full Reiki manual and certificate is provided. Follow up support is available after the workshop. You need to hold a Reiki Level 1 certificate to take this course. This workshop is open to students who would like to re-sit their Reiki 2 Attunement.

Reiki Level 3 ~ Master Healer Level

Learn extra skills to enhance your Reiki Healing.

Reiki Master Teacher Level
Learn to become a Reiki Master and give Reiki attunements to others.

Jasmine Grace is a Reiki Master, a highly qualified Complementary Practitioner, Trainer and Tutor, with a BSc (Hon) Professional Studies of Complementary Healthcare. She is a Cert. Ed. Adult Education Tutor at Strode College, and Founder of her own Complementary Therapy Training College. Jasmine is a VTCT assessor. She has been a practicing therapist for fourteen years and has been teaching for seven years. Many of Jasmine’s students have obtained certificates of excellence in their chosen area of study, and have gone on to establish their own successful therapy businesses.

Reiki Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, & Master Teacher Level
Please contact Jasmine for more information

Tel: 07 595 752 704              Email: jasmine@jasminegracezahara.com
Radio Science Orchestra at Walton Castle
Sep 15th 2018

Free entry to the Castle from 2pm onwards,
7.30pm the RSO will give an evening performance, food and wine will follow on.

Walton Castle is having an Open Day on September 15th, Margarita Hamilton is offering the general public free entry to the Castle for the day, to enjoy an Art Exhibition by predominantly local and Bristol based artists, in selected turrets within the castle and a number of marquees inside and outside of the Castle Keep. There will be different styles and themes of works ranging from Royal Portraiture to Street Graffiti. There will also be associated activities taking place such as Art Therapy, Visualization Techniques and Action Painting.

This is the first event of its kind at the Castle and there is much room for innovative and creative experiment. Members of the RSO and others will supply an on going flow of background musical improvisation and ambience to the Exhibition.

As the day winds to a close around 7.30/8.00pm the RSO will give an evening performance in Turret No1 in which music will be combined with film and image projection on the walls of the Turret, providing an all encompassing immersive experience for the audience.

The Bristol Harbour Festival also occurs on this weekend embracing music, art and performance around the Harbour area of Bristol, it's about half an hour's drive away so you may be able to fit both events in one day.

Walton Castle is a 17th Century, Grade II listed castle set upon a hill in Clevedon, North Somerset, England, on the site of an earlier Iron Age hill fort.  

Walton Castle, Castle Rd, Avon, Clevedon BS21 7AA


The International Grief Council presents:

Finding Hope After Loss
Thursday Aug. 30 to Sunday Sept. 2, 2018
A Retreat at Charney Manor, Oxford U.K.
(Wantage OX12 0EJ)


Come, join us at a charming 13th century Quaker Retreat Center nourished with the silence and stillness that inspires the heart to open, expand, and heal. This weekend will include workshops, meditation, transpersonal journaling, nature walks, chanting and contemplative time for reflection.

This 3-day retreat is perfect for men and women who:
Are grieving a loss, no matter the timeframe of loss
Seek to make peace with their pain in community
Are open to connecting with their divine nature

For more details and to book:
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