The clear pure water of the Sjoa River in pristine Norway
Waking Up series
Other considerations often induce mistakes, here on the third canyon of Soča, an upside down paddle goes unnoticed with so many thoughts clouding the paddler’s focus in early spring.
The final in a 3 part series, Breaking Old Habits delves deep into learning and how we can help ourselves.......

"A mulligan, a do over, surely we need one? After the recent lock downs should we take it easier and not expect too much too soon. The missed opportunity of spring has past us by and we again are confronted with old habits and their niggling outcomes, causing both uncertainty and hesitancy in our paddling. This the final part of the Waking Up series, we take a look at non-linear learning, constraints theory and a reset. It is never too late for a fresh start, but how do we begin?"

The Waking Up articles on Palm's blog by our Head Coach & Palm Brand Ambassador, Simon Westgarth.
Norway Opening Up
After a key press conference last week, the Norwegian Government has updated its travel advice for inbound tourists. See Coronavirus and travelling to Norway for the latest information. Here at Gene17Kayaking we are anticipating an opening up from 1st July, where by a Digital Green Certificate scheme for those whom are fully vaccinated will be able to freely travel. An announcement for this update is expected around mid June.

Like 2020 we are going to focus our endeavours on our summer home in Norway. With both the Norway Tours and Teaching Trips based in Sjoa & Valldal, aimed at the international inbound paddlers, starting from late July. In the meantime a series of short courses is available through June and into July, plus also the Sjoa River Festival with clinics too. For the 2021 summer, we'll offer....

We hope to see you in Sjoa.
The Sjoa River Festival, a grassroots white water kayaking festival, perfectly situated to enjoy the best of the northern summer in the Sjoa Valley. Whilst we accept there may be some planning and delivery changes this year due to the pandemic, we are planning another Sjoa River Festival event. This year's festival is again in Bjølstadmo where the kayak shop Strie Strømmer is located from 14/18 July 2021. See you there.

Also see Gene17Kayaking's clinics at Sjoa River Festival 2021.