Preseason is Underway!

We are entering Week 2 of preseason.  It's going to be a great week for racing with nice temps and great conditions!  Come on out and race!  Click on the links below for results and a complete schedule.

Dave Everson - Daron Rahlves - Luke Everson at Regional Pacesetting Trials

NASTAR Regional Pacesetter Trials were held on Saturday, December 17 at Afton Alps. Participants raced against traveling pacesetter, Daron Rahlves.  Monday, December 19, Ski Challenge held a pacesetter trial for our local pacesetters. Everyone ran against Dave Everson who earned a 4.6 handicap on Saturday against Daron Rahlves.  

A pacesetting trial is set for Wednesday, December 28 at Wild Mountain. Some handicaps may change after that date.

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Pierce Skate and Ski - Platinum Sponsor

Pierce Skate and Ski was founded by Walter Pierce in 1936 as a  family-owned business called "Trading Post's Skate Exchange" at 9th and Marquette in Minneapolis.  In 1946 a new building was constructed at 3701 Nicollet Ave South in Minneapolis.  John and Barbara Pierce decided to diversify into ski equipment and clothing and changed the name to "Pierce Skate & Ski" in 1965.  Unfortunately, the shop burned to the ground in 1974, prompting John and Barbara to relocate to 9801 Nicollet Ave in Bloomington.  In 1981, Pierce Skate and Ski moved to their current location at 208 West 98th St. in Bloomington......

Clinics and Practices!

If you are looking for some pointers or just want to run some gates, check out all the practice opportunities at Buck Hill and Wild Mountain!

Registration Information

Individuals can register for Regular Season teams.
Check out current rosters HERE.

*Guest racing is not allowed at an Championship events






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