Ski Challenge News                                                   December 31, 2018

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Upcoming Events

Wednesday, January 2
Joe's Clearance Sale Thursday, January  3 - 6
Pacesetter Trials at Wild Mt Friday, January 4
Start of Regular Season Friday, January 4

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Registration Information

The new Friday DAY league at Buck Hill has been cancelled due to lack of pre-registrations.  

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to each registered member prior to the start of each league. You can still sign up for any of our other leagues at Buck Hill and Wild Mountain.  Follow the links below for more information.

To see where there are possible openings check out current rosters HERE.

What do I do at the First Race?

Whether you are new to Ski Challenge, or back for another season, you need to arrive a little earlier for the first race of the season. Prior to racing, check in at the registration table in the designated room. At Buck Hill we meet in the Black Diamond Event Center above the ski school  At Wild Mountain our Sunday League registration table will be set up in the Robert C room next to the Eagle's Nest Bar and Grill.  Fridays and Wednesday nights at Wild we will be set up in the Eagle's Newst Bar and Grill.

What is a Handicap?

A handicap represents the percentage your time is behind a par time or National Standard Par, in this case a time that Ryan Cochran-Siegle would have gotten on the course. (e.g. 15 handicap = 15 percent behind Ryan's time). The National Standard is the Par Time or Ryan Cochran-Siegle's "0" handicap which every racer competes against when they race NASTAR.

Pacesetters earn certified handicaps that are used to set Ryan Cochran-Siegle's Par Time for their course. Participants earn a handicap each time they race which represents the difference between the racer's time and the Par Time expressed as a percentage. Your handicap can vary from race to race.

Does a handicap change or get better with your age and gender?
ABSOLUTELY NOT!   A handicap is a straight percentage. It's math. We take your time and compare it to the par time. Then we determine what percent slower your time is compared to the par time. So, the person in the race with the lowest time has the lowest handicap in a given run. Age and gender DO NOT change straight times or handicaps!


Looking for a way to improve your skiing and lower your handicap?  Go to one of the many clinics and practices offered by Buck Hill, Wild Mountain and The Midwest Masters!  Look below for more information.
Buck Hill

Adult Race Clinics at Buck Hill taught by Buck Hill Race Staff.

Wednesday morning GS Clinics - Starting December 12
NASTAR on Saturdays - Starting January 5

Wild Mountain

Race Training with Anna - Fri mornings starting Dec 7
Mini Race Camp with Anna - Saturday, February 2

Midwest Masters

Slalom Training
10 Thursdays starting January 3
Buck Hill - Sign up in the Ticket Office
7-9 pm.

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