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                                                      May 14, 2018
Dale Westvig wins $50 off one Ski Challenge League fee next season!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the end of year survey.  The survey results are mainly used for our demographics packets we distribute to our sponsors and participating ski areas.  

Everyone who filled out a survey had a chance to enter his or her e-mail address for a drawing to win $50 off one league for next year.  Dale Westvig's name was drawn.  Dale participates on the Ragged Edges on Buck Hill Sunday AM.

We take all your suggestions, complaints and comments (good or bad) on the survey very seriously.  We will be working this Summer to try and remedy any issues or problems that are within our control.  And, will also plan on continuing and implementing changes and additions that have or will made the program better.
What are we working on in the Off Season?

There is a lot of planning and coordination that goes into each season of Ski Challenge.  In the off season, we work with the Ski Areas to secure schedules and calendars.  We also meet with Sponsors to set up our marketing plans for the next season.

We are always striving to make registration, payment options and liability forms easier.  We will be working this Summer on making online registration even easier.  We are hoping to have registration, liability forms and payment options all on one form.

E-mails will be going out to current Captains in July to start registering and securing your team spots for the upcoming season.

We have posted a preliminary schedule for the upcoming season.  Our schedule doesn't change much from year to year.  With 14 races per week for the seven week regular season, we pretty much need to start the Friday after January 1 and end the Thursday one week prior to Championships.  It seems like a lot of time between our last league race and the Championships weekend, but we need a few days for possible make up races (we hope we don't need to do this) and also at least three office days to get ready for Giants Ridge.  PRELIMINARY CALENDAR

We spend the Spring and first part of the Summer getting all the pages on the website updated.  It's also a good time for me (Barb) to research new website page options.  Website design is ever changing and it's nice to update and refresh.  We (Barb) do our entire website on our own and do not use any outside sources.  We also clean up and update our database so it is ready for the upcoming season.

We are going to try and implement a new program for Captains' Gifts!  We know that many captains work really hard to communicate, coordinate and rally their teams.  We want to honor all the captains who do a great job!  We will be putting together some kind of tally or point system to measure what captains have fulfilled all the criteria we ask.  Those captains will be honored at week two or three of the regular season with a Captain Gift.  We will not be giving out captain gifts to every captain.  Unless, of course, they all fulfill the criteria!  Stay tuned for more info to come!

We (Dave and Barb) spend a lot of time in the off season thinking and discussing the season and are constantly trying to come up with ideas to make the program better, more cost effective, and more enjoyable for everyone.  We are also racking our brains constantly for ideas to get more participants! 

In the off season, besides planning and preparing for the next season of Ski Challenge, we also do other things to supplement our income.  We both have E-bay stores which we spend a lot of time on.  Dave works hard on this even during the ski season as well as coaching the Prior Lake High School Alpine ski team.

During the off season we also take a breath, garden, work out, golf, visit our family cabin, spend time with family, and do all the odd jobs around the house that we couldn't get to during the busy ski season!
Summer Fun at Buck and Wild!

Lost and Found

We have accumulated a LOT of lost and found items throughout the season.  To see a list follow the link below.  Contact the Ski Challenge if you think something on the list belongs to you!

Thanks for your interest in the Ski Challenge.  



Barb and Dave Everson
The Ski Challenge
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