Ski Challenge News - Week 2                                       January 15, 2019

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Shotskis - Wild Mountain Sunday DAY - Week 1
SkiAgra - Buck Hill Monday Week 1

Return of the Turn is Coming this Week!

"Return of the Turn" is Marcus Caston's way of showing the world that "actual skiing" is certainly not dead. In a world of crazy tricks and jaw-dropping descents, Marcus wants to bring us all back to the roots of what makes skiing great. "Return of the Turn" is a video series that follows Marcus and his crew all over the world showing everyone what good ol' classic skiing looks like. These episodes are different from every other ski movie out there. They ski on any type of snow, any type of terrain, any type of mountain (or hill!) and love every minute of it.

Marcus will be in town January 15 - 20th racing with us as much as possible and shooting some footage for his "Return of the Turn" series at both Buck Hill and Wild Mountain. We are super excited to have Marcus here with us again and we are so happy to be a part of his efforts to share the sport we all love so much. Welcome, Marcus!

Upcoming Events

Marcus Kaston Visits Ski Challenge Tuesday, January 15 - Friday, January 18
Sunday, January 27
Courage Cup Race at Trollhaugen Saturday, February 2
No Buck Hill Sunday AM League Sunday, February 10
Padraig's Ski Race Benefit Saturday, February 23
 Championships at Giants Ridge Friday - Sunday, March 1 - 3

Online Liability Waiver Forms

Online registration and online pay is closed for the regular season.  You can still sign up and pay at the hill.

Everyone is required to fill out an online waiver form.  Even if you signed a paper copy at the hill.  If you have not already filled out an online liability waiver form, please follow the link below:

Padraig's Place Needs your Help!

Padraig's Place needs your help! As most of you
know, Padraig's Place is an amazing Adaptive Ski
 and Snowboard program and Buck Hill and now Wild Mountain. Their mission is to "enrich the lives of special needs children and their families by presenting available
 resources to them; thereby, allowing the family to focus on family rather than a disability." 

As the organization continues to expand, so does their need for volunteers. Padraig's Place is asking for volunteers at Buck Hill on Saturday mornings and Monday nights as well as at Wild Mountain on Sunday evenings.

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Looking for a way to improve your skiing and lower your handicap?  Go to one of the many clinics and practices offered by Buck Hill, Wild Mountain and The Midwest Masters!  Look below for more information.
Buck Hill

Adult Race Clinics at Buck Hill taught by Buck Hill Race Staff.

Wednesday morning GS Clinics
NASTAR on Saturdays
Wild Mountain

Race Training with Anna - Fri mornings starting Dec 7
Mini Race Camp with Anna - Saturday, February 2

Midwest Masters

Slalom Training
10 Thursdays starting January 3
Buck Hill - Sign up in the Ticket Office
7-9 pm.

                                                      MORE INFO
Get your Lodging Lined up for Giants Ridge!

Championships at Giants Ridge are March 1, 2, 3.  Get your rooms reserved before they run out!

The Lodge at Giants Ridge - 877-442-6877

Reservations need to be made by February 16, 2019 in order to get these rates.
You must say you are with The Ski Challenge Block to get rates.  

The Villas - 800-843-7434





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