Ski Challenge News - Week 3                                      January 19, 2019

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Buck Hill Wednesday DAY - Week 2
Team Tomas - Wild Mountain Wednesday Day - Week 2

Team Photos!

Most of our Team Photos will be taken this week - Week 3. Thanks to Alice Madden for taking the Buck Hill photos. Thanks to Heather Tomas and Michele Monroe for taking the Wild Mountain photos. Also, big thank you to Heather Tomas for creating another great photo frame for this season!

After the photos are taken, we will get them posted online as soon as possible. These are FREE to download and share on all your Social Media sites. If you want a higher resolution to print, just e-mail the office and we will get it to you.

All photos will be taken at week 3 except Buck Hill Tuesday. Those will be taken at Week 5 on Tuesday, February 5.
Ranking Reports Online

Did you know you can see how you rank in your age group overall, and also by team? You can also see where your team is ranking compared to all the other teams in the leagues at both Buck Hill and Wild Mountain. We also have a report ranking just women overall and just men overall.

Just go to our Website and click on "Results / Individual Ranking Results" and "Results / Overall Team Ranking Report".

In this newsletter we only include the Individual ranking by age group and gender based on your average rated handicap.

Schedule and Venue Changes

There are some schedule and venue changes to note for the regular league season. Please make sure your calendars are updated!

No Racing on Sunday, February 10
Week 6 will resume on February 17
Week 7 will be Sunday, February 24
(Buck Hill Sunday PM will still be held on Sunday, February 10 with week 7 being held on February 17)

No Racing on Sunday, January 27
Week 4 will resume on February 3
Week 7 will be held on February 24

January 25 - Racing on Expressway.
Upcoming Events

Sunday, January 27
Courage Cup Race at Trollhaugen Saturday, February 2
No Buck Hill Sunday AM League Sunday, February 10
Padraig's Ski Race Benefit Saturday, February 23
 Championships at Giants Ridge Friday - Sunday, March 1 - 3

Ski Challenge Gear

Check out our New Ski Challenge Gear for this year!  Follow the link to our Ski Challenge Store:

Course Set and Conditions

With the completion of week 2 of our regular season, we have all had the chance to experience many course sets and a lot of different conditions. With warmer weather, the lack of a good freeze overnight and variable hill use, sometimes it becomes a little more difficult for course setters to set courses that appeal to all racers. They try their best to set according to the conditions to make a safe, enjoyable course. Sometimes if conditions aren't so good, a course may have to be a little "straighter". Sometimes if conditions are real good, the course may have a little more offset. We encourage our course setters to set for the intermediate skier. Sometimes a rut is hidden prior to the start of the race, or snow conditions are worse than first thought which may cause some difficulty and more DNFs than we would hope. It's just something that comes with the territory.

Follow the link below to continue the article:

Online Liability Waiver Forms

Online registration and online pay is closed for the regular season.  You can still sign up and pay at the hill.

Everyone is required to fill out an online waiver form.  Even if you signed a paper copy at the hill.  If you have not already filled out an online liability waiver form, please follow the link below:

Championships at Giants Ridge

Championships are Friday - Sunday, March 1, 2, 3.  Practice Clinic and Ski Challenge Open Team Race will be on Friday.Team racing will be held on Saturday and Sunday.  King & Queen of the Hel will be on Saturday.  


Friday, March 1   Event Time
Practice Innsbruck / Helsinki 11 am - 1 pm
Ski Challenge Open Innsbruck 2:30 pm
Ski Challenge Open Awards Burnt Onion 5:30 pm

Saturday, March 2   Event Time
Div 1  Innsbruck 10 am
Div 5  Innsbruck 12 pm
King & Queen of the Hel  Helsinki 1:30 pm
Div 3  Innsbruck 2:30 pm
King & Queen of the Hel Awards Burnt Onion Bar 5:30 pm

Sunday, March 3
Event Time
Div 6  Innsbruck 10 am
Div 2  Innsbruck 12 pm
Div 4 Innsbruck 1:30 pm

Divisions will determined after the completion of Week 5 of regular season - Friday, February 8.

Get your Lodging Lined up for Giants Ridge!

Championships at Giants Ridge are March 1, 2, 3.  Get your rooms reserved before they run out!

The Lodge at Giants Ridge - 877-442-6877

Reservations need to be made by February 16, 2019 in order to get these rates.
You must say you are with The Ski Challenge Block to get rates.  

The Villas - 800-843-7434

Did you know Ski Challenge has a Facebook and Instagram page?

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Looking for a way to improve your skiing and lower your handicap?  Go to one of the many clinics and practices offered by Buck Hill, Wild Mountain and The Midwest Masters!  Look below for more information.
Buck Hill

Adult Race Clinics at Buck Hill taught by Buck Hill Race Staff.

Wednesday morning GS Clinics
NASTAR on Saturdays
Wild Mountain

Race Training with Anna - Fri mornings starting Dec 7
Mini Race Camp with Anna - Saturday, February 2

Midwest Masters

Slalom Training
10 Thursdays starting January 3
Buck Hill - Sign up in the Ticket Office
7-9 pm.

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