February 2, 2020 / 3rd Edition

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This Week's Top Blog Post & Quote of the Week
Parents Complacency May Be Dangerous to
Their Teens
Children / Teens have been taught to stay away from strangers, but most don't know what to do once the stranger puts hands on them. Would your child know what to do?
By: John Riddle
Self Defense Tip of the Week
Creating the Defensive Mindset "I Will Survive!"

A victim of any type of an attack should be aware, ready and willing to inflict serious bodily harm, if necessary to escape! This must be the MINDSET!!!

The purpose of the defensive counter is escape. The attacker has made the decision for the victim to use force against him, through his violent aggression. Since it was his decision to attack, he is responsible and libel for what occurs during the encounter. The victim's defensive counter is nothing more than a response to the felonious assault. For this defensive counter to be effective in many cases, the victim must strike vulnerable points. The intention to survive by stunning and/or distracting the aggressor so the victim can escape from a situation. The goal must be escape!

Reality training is a combination of visualization, physically stimulated visualization (simulated / scenario training as shown above in our video) and quality repetitions of technique as taught in our self defense classes and workshops.

By training in this type of environment, your mind and body will begin to act subconsciously to help rid yourself of negative expectations and attain the survival mindset you must have for the "real world".
Riddle Defense Workshops...
not your average physical self defense workshops

Our workshops are designed with awareness, assertiveness, verbal confrontation skills, safety strategies, and physical techniques that enable someone to successfully prevent, escape, resist and survive violent assaults. Also providing situational awareness, verbal skills, and the law.
Gun Disarm
In & Around the Vehicle
Inter-Active Workshop
Addresses where we spend a majority of our time... in & around our vehicles.
-close quarter combat
-force on force simulation drills both inside & outside the car

🗓️Saturday, February 8th
🕗10:00AM - 1:00PM

Women's Basic Self
Establish the mindset for fighting and overcoming inhibitions about self-protection. This basic " hands-on " course applies the physical skills in defending and escaping an attack against padded trained role players.

🗓️Sunday, February 9th
🕗2:00PM - 5:00PM

Edged Weapon Defense
This hands-on practical approach in learning how the body mechanics and survival mindset set the foundation, and transition into effective and practical techniques for defending against edged weapon attacks.

🗓️Saturday, February 22nd
🕗10:00AM - 2:00PM

Firearms Training Tip of the Week
Use of Cover or Concealment... & what's the difference?

Seems like a simple question, but the answer can have a deadly ending.

So, ask yourself what is the difference between cover and concealment. If you are a firearms owner knowing the difference is a MUST!
  • Use of Cover: anything that gives your protection from bullets, fragments of exploding rounds or anything else that could cause you harm
  • Concealment: anything that hides you from a threat(s) observation. Just because you are concealed does not mean you are protected!

An important step to remember when "bad" things start to happen is situational awareness; often known as condition yellow (aware of everything around you).

While cover and concealment accomplish different things, in self defense there are two main goals: fighting back effectively or escaping / evading the threat.

Concealment is only temporary and escaping will rely heavily on your situational awareness in order to find your nearest exit.

If you have to "fight" use a Cover / Concealment Maneuver in which you can defend yourself against the threat. This would involve finding a clear line of fire while working from behind cover, or at least concealment. Once you start shooting there is no turning back because you have drawn attention to yourself from the threat.

It is imperative to incorporate cover and concealment drills into your firearms training!

Fitness & Nutrition Tip of the Week
Mindful Eating: "Distraction Free While Eating"

Mindful eating is all about being aware of your senses while eating. Why is this important... 1. it can help you manage your eating habits; 2. it can help you feel better about your body because you will consume less calories.

Mindfulness is all about slowing down, being aware of your feelings, senses, thought process, and being present in the moment. Mindful Eating is really enjoying every bite of food!

7 Day Challenge: While you are eating avoid using your phone, computer, reading and watching television. Even though these all seem harmless, it might encourage you to overeat. Why; because you aren't paying attention to your senses... smell of the food, taste of the food, enjoying what you are eating. Example: watching Housewives of Orange County... eating your dinner and before you know it your food is gone but you are still hungry. You are still hungry because your "mind" hasn't caught up to your eating... Per the American Society of Nutrition "Evidence indicates that eating when distracted produced a moderate increase in immediate intake."

Remember... You Can't Out Train Your Diet!!!!!!

Facts & Snacks Learning Series
Are you coming to the Intro to Yoga Vinyasa and Meditation Event?

Riddle Defense Training Facility

Wednesday, February 12, 2020
7:00pm to 8:00pm

Cost: $10pp / pay at door (cash only)
or pay with your credit card using the button below:

Learning Series...
feeding your mind, body & soul

What's an awesome way to spend an evening?.... RIDDLE DEFENSE presents
learning series with various topics
& presenters.

Check out our first offering on Wednesday,
February 12th at 7 PM with Instructor
Vittoria Di Benedetto.

Intro to Yoga Vinyasa and Meditation

This class is designed for Yoga practitioners of all levels, from beginners who have never taken a Yoga class before, to those who are already familiar with the practice. We will combine breath work with the physical practice of Yoga (also known as the Asana practice). The class will start out with a few breathing exercises, followed by the physical practice using our breath to guide the flow of movement, finishing off with a final relaxation and small meditation to close up the practice. 
Upcoming Facts & Snacks Lecture:
  • Self Defense Law: Home Defense, Stand Your Ground & Self Defense with Bill Fraser, Chief Investigator with the State Attorney's Office; 45 years experience as a Homicide Detective.

Date: Wednesday, February 26, 2020
Start Time: 7:00 PM / End Time: 8:00 PM

Cost: $10pp / pay at door (cash only) or pay with your credit card using the button below:
"Train like your like depends on it, because it does!"

Thank you for your valuable time.

John & Leigh
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