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Message from the CEO

The 2018 Skills Canada National Competition (SCNC) marked another inspiring event and was well attended with over 8,000 student visitors, from schools across Alberta, who had the opportunity to explore a vast array of careers in skilled trades and technology. Also in attendance were many representatives from industry, labour, education and government from across Canada who were there to meet tomorrow's workforce and inform them of the many exciting career options that are available to them. Thank you to everyone, including our volunteers, for making this such a great event.
2018 was also a qualifying year to join WorldSkills Team Canada 2019 selection process. At SCNC 2018, the two highest age eligible participants in identified Skill Areas were selected to participate in the next stage of the WorldSkills Team Canada Selection Process. The winners from the Selection Event, which will take place at the 25th Skills Canada National Competition 2019 in Halifax, will be named to WorldSkills Team Canada and will compete at the 45th WorldSkills Competition, in Kazan, Russia, from August 22-27, 2019.
Skills/Compétences Canada (SCC) has started planning for National Skilled Trades and Technology Week (NSTTW) which will be held from November 4-11, 2018 across the country. SCC and its Member Organizations will be hosting events to promote skilled trades and technology careers to youth, parents and educators. Join us for the official launch of NSTTW being held on November 6th, 2018, at the Halifax Convention Centre, in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Planning is well underway for the 2019 Skills Canada National Competition. This fall SCC, volunteers from the National Technical Committee, Skills/Compétences Canada partners and Skills Canada Nova Scotia will meet in Halifax with the objective of developing the scope and project for the 44 skill areas. This is a key meeting in the preparation process for this large event. Again, we cannot thank our volunteers and partners enough for their support.
SCC is looking forward to bringing the event back to Atlantic Canada; it will be the second time SCNC has been held in Halifax, the last time being in 2006. SCNC 2019 will be held at the Halifax Exhibition Centre and will mark the 25th anniversary of our flagship event. We hope you will join us from May 27-30, 2019, in Halifax, for the 2019 Skills Canada National Competition!

Shaun Thorson
Chief Executive Officer
Skills/Compétences Canada In the News  

Here are some recent news clips featuring Skills/Compétences Canada (SCC) and the 2018 Skills Canada National Competition (SCNC): 

-Read this press release issued by Skills/Compétences Canada on June 4th, 2018 about the Official Launch of SCNC 2018: Edmonton Hosts the 2018 Skills Canada National Competition - Competition alumni mark the national event's launch by taking part in a "mixed reality" training challenge. 

-Read this press release issued by Skills/Compétences Canada on June 5th, 2018: Skills/Compétences Canada Welcomes the Prime Minister's Parliamentary Secretary for Youth to SCNC 2018. 

-Read this press release issued by Skills/Compétences Canada on June 6th, 2018: National Champions in 44 Skill Areas are Crowned at the 2018 Skills Canada National Competition. 

Check out these great SCNC 2018 Interviews: 

-Listen to this interview on Global Edmonton, taken on June 3rd, 2018, with Shaun Thorson, CEO of Skills/Compétences Canada and Isabelle Collin, WorldSkills Team Canada 2009 competitor in Beauty Therapy and Team Leader for WorldSkills Team Canada 2015 and 2017: Skills Canada National Competition kicks off Monday in Edmonton. 

-Check out this interview on Global Edmonton, filmed on June 4th, with Kate Campbell and Paul Lafrance from HGTV, about SCNC 2018: Celebrity TV Contractors promoting skilled trades. 

-Read this article published in the Edmonton Journal on June 4th, highlighting local competitors from Alberta: Showing off their skills - More than 550 trade students compete in the Skills Canada National Competition. 

-Read this article from the Canadian Contractor, published on June 4th, which features several onsite interviews with SCC spokespeople, industry celebrities and parents: Skills Canada National Competition increases the hands-on experience. 

-Check out this interesting article featured in the Canadian Contractor on June 4th, where Paul Lafrance and Kate Campbell from HGTV, talk about their experience with SCNC and why they think attending this event is a great opportunity for youth to explore the skilled trades.

Watch these SCNC 2018 onsite interviews :

- Global Edmonton Bricklaying segment featuring Richard Kokotilo from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) along with participating bricklaying competitors at the 2018 Skills Canada National Competition.
- Global Edmonton Plumbing segment featuring Matt Lindberg, a Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) plumbing instructor, who discusses the program and what it means for his students to participate in the Skills Canada National Competition.
- Global Edmonton Steamfitter-Pipefitter segment featuring Alanna Marklund from UA Canada and a welder by trade, who discusses the importance of promoting careers in the skilled trades to youth, women and aboriginal groups.
- Global Edmonton Aerospace Technology segment featuring Richard Johnstone, who has been a National Technical Committee member for many years, who talks about what it takes to succeed in this industry.
- Global Edmonton segment with students from Grand Cache Community High School who tour the competition floor during SCNC 2018: Northern Alberta students get first-hand experience in the trades.
Social Media Highlights

SCNC 2018 was a great success on social media. The hashtag #SCNC2018 trended on Twitter during both the opening and closing ceremonies. We also had some awesome photos taken as part of our on-site social media challenges. Look up the hashtag #SCNC2018 or check out our Flickr page for lots of photos of this year's successful event!
Also, a special congratulations to Newfoundland and Labrador - this year's winner of the SCNC Team Spirit Award. They did a great job on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  to come home with the prize!

Check out our top SCNC 2018 posts


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Skills Canada News

Over 550 Competitors from Across Canada Battle it out for a Chance to be Named National Champion
The 24th Skills Canada National Competition (SCNC) was held June 4th - 5th, 2018 at the Edmonton  EXPO Centre, in Edmonton, Alberta. Over 550 competitors from across Canada competed in over 40 skilled trade and technology competitions ranging from Steamfitter-Pipefitter and Carpentry to Mechatronics, Cooking, Aerospace T echnology and 3D Digital Game Art.

The student visitors check out the 44 Skill Areas during SCNC 2018.
Several industry celebrities also attended and participated in such activities as the Off icial Launch, interactive on-stage demonstrations, specialized discussions, and several Try-a-Trade® and Technology  activities that were held throughout the competition. Special guests included: Sherry Holmes, Contractor, Part-time Designer and week-end DYIer, Kate Campbell, HGTV Star Founder of KateBuilds Inc., Paul Lafrance, "The Deck Guru", and Mandy Rennehan, Blue Collar CEO and Founder of They were on site to raise awareness of the variety of career opportunities available in the skilled trades and technologies and to inform over 8,000 student visitors about these incredible opportunities.

HGTV's Paul Lafrance and Kate Campbell deliver an interactive presentation on the Essential Skills Stage.

At the Closing Awards Ceremony, the gold, silver and bronze medalists were announced and proudly took the podium. The complete list of medal winners is available on the Skills Canada Website . Over 200 medals were awarded to the top champions in six skilled trade and technology sectors, including: transportation, construction, manufacturing and engineering, information technology, service and employment.
During the ceremony three special awards were presented. First was t he Award of Recognition, which was given to the National Technical Committee volunteers who went to extra lengths to ensure SCNC's success. Congratulations to Éric Beaumier, Industrial Control, Audrey Eastham, Aesthetics, and Stephen Carlton, Landscape Gardening! This was followed by the Team Spirit Award, which was given to the provincial/territorial team who was most active and enthusiastic on social media during SCNC. Congratulations to Team Newfoundland and Labrador! Lastly, congratulations to Heavy Equipment Service for winning the Safety Award!
For the first time, SCC was proud to officially welcome the WorldSkills Flag Relay to Canada. Shawna Bourke, Manager of Marketing and Communications for WorldSkills, John Oates, President of Skills Canada, and Isabelle Collin, Team Leader for WorldSkills Team Canada since 2015, were on stage during the Closing Awards Ceremony to introduce this unique relay organized by WorldSkills Kazan. Also joining them on stage were the WorldSkills Kazan Mascots. The Canadian patch was added to the flag in recognition of Canada as the host of WorldSkills Montreal 1999 and WorldSkills Calgary 2009. David Boivin, WorldSkills Calgary 2009 competitor in Graphic Design Technology and Jessika Lessard, WorldSkills Montreal 1999 competitor in Aesthetics, addressed the audience during the ceremony. This was capped by a special presentation from Skills Canada Nova Scotia, who welcomed everyone to join them in Halifax for SCNC 2019. Take a look at this moving video.

From left to right: David Boivin, WorldSkills Calgary 2009 competitor in Graphic Design Technology, Shawna Bourke, Marketing and Communications Manager for WorldSkills, Isabelle Collin, Team Leader for WorldSkills Team Canada since 2015, Karina Ismagilova, WorldSkills Representative for the Flag Relay Team, John Oates, President of Skills/Compétences Canada and  Jessika Lessard, WorldSkills Montreal 1999 competitor in Aesthetics, participate in the Flag Ceremony.

Additional highlights of the 2018 Skills Canada National Competition included:
  • A focus on the importance of the nine Essential Skills in the skilled trades and technologies; Thinking - Problem Solving was the Essential Skill that was highlighted and incorporated in all SCNC activities.
  • Dedicated "Career Zone" where over 50 industry partners and educators demonstrated their brand, trade or occupation through interactive activities.
  • Essential Skills Stage: several SCC partners, including UA Canada, Women Building Futures and Fixturlaser, as well as industry celebrities Sherry Holmes, Paul Lafrance and Kate Campbell, highlighted their trade or technology through interactive demonstrations. Also included was an Exoskeleton demo from Mandy Rennehan and her team, which reflected the importance of automation and innovation for the future of skilled trade and technology careers.
  • The Essentials Skills Forum was held in partnership with RBC's Future Launch program. The main focus was on the importance of educating students about the Essential Skills and their prominence within trade and technology occupations.
  • Essential Skills Webcast, streamed live from the Edmonton EXPO Centre. Panelists included representatives from industry and labour (including UA Canada, CWB Welding Foundation, PCL Construction, RBC, CLAC, VW, Mitutoyo), education (NAIT, SAIT, Bow Valley College, Learning Centre Literacy Association), industry celebrities (Paul Lafrance, Kate Campbell and Mandy Rennehan), and our own Skills Canada Alumni / WorldSkills Team Canada 2017 members (Aaron Taves, Ryan Matsuba, Victoria Hislop, Alex Sidorchuk), who discussed their experiences and the role that the Essential Skills has played in their successful careers.
  • VIP networking events that were hosted by UA Canada and Canada's Building Trades Unions held prior to the Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony. These events were attended by corporate sponsors, suppliers, educators, industry partners, labour, and government stakeholders and were an ideal way to connect and interact with each other.
  • A fun, entertaining Welcome Reception for SCNC competitors held prior to the Opening Ceremony, courtesy of Stanley DeWalt. Kate Campbell and Paul Lafrance gave a warm, energetic welcome to the competitors, who also enjoyed interactive games and shared their increasing excitement.
  • The tool legacy lives on! Post competition, five Alberta schools and Habitat for Humanity Edmonton each received a variety of donated Stanley DeWalt tools that were used by the competitors. The Tool Enhancement program has proven to be a lasting legacy for the province in which the national competition is hosted.  
  • SCNC 2018 is a qualifying year for two top scoring, age-eligible candidates in 29 of the WorldSkills Skill Areas to have the opportunity take part in the selection event which will determine who will be named a member of WorldSkills Team Canada 2019. The selection event will be hosted during SCNC 2019, where SCC will celebrate its 25th anniversary. The 45th WorldSkills Competition is being hosted in Kazan, Russia, in August 2019.
  • SCC, in partnership with UA Canada, provided 18 Indigenous students from the Grande Cache Community High School with a special SCNC experience. They had the opportunity to tour the competition, meet the industry celebrities in attendance, participate in several interactive activities, and they were special guests at a delicious pizza dinner hosted by our Presenting Sponsor UA Canada. Through their SCNC experience they learned about and were encouraged by career and education options available in the skilled trades and technologies.
Watch the SCNC 2018 highlight video on YouTube and check out thousands of photos of the event on Flickr !

The 2019 Skills Canada National Competition will be held at the Halifax Exhibition Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia on May 28 - 29, 2019, where we will celebrate the 25th anniversary. Through these competitions, Skills Canada seeks to raise awareness about skilled trade and technology sectors to all Canadian youth and their influencers. For more information about SCNC visit:
PM's Parliamentary Secretary for Youth Attends SCNC 2018
In May, 2017, when the Skills/Compétences Canada (SCC) delegation went to Parliament Hill to meet with M.P. Peter Schiefke, the Prime Minister's Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, he became fascinated by the Skills Canada National Competition (SCNC) concept and pledged to attend an upcoming Competition.
Despite an extremely busy schedule, Mr. Schiefke kept his promise and attended SCNC 2018, in Edmonton. He not only delivered enthusiastic remarks before a crowd of nearly 2,000 youth and supporters at the Opening Ceremony, the following day he took part in an extensive tour of the competition, and he met with the SCC National Alumni Committee (NAC).

Mr. Peter Schiefke tours the competition floor with Jennifer Green, President of the National Alumni Committee and John Oates, President of Skills/Compétences Canada.

Because the Prime Minister's Office is currently working on developing Canada's first ever National Youth Policy, Mr. Schiefke's participation at SCNC was extremely important. He also urged the SCC youth leaders , with whom he also met, to submit their input on what should be included in the new policy.
To find out more about the status of the National Youth Policy and summer consultations, visit
Read more about Mr. Schiefke's visit to SCNC 2018 here.
The Essential Skills Youth Forum Gathers at SCNC 2018 to Discuss How Skilled Trades are Evolving
The Essential Skills Youth Forum (ESYF) 2018 was a huge success! Participants from across Canada came together to discuss the themes of innovation and automation. During their brief time together, participants formed lasting friendships and were able to provide insight on how Canadian youth respond to innovation and automation trends.
Highlights from the Essential Skills Youth Forum include: Meeting with exhibitors from industry and education to discuss automation and jobs of the future, touring the competition floor and cheering on their peers, and participating in team building activities such as racing with the clock to get out of an escape room!
The members of the 2018 Essential Skills Youth Forum pose for a photo during SCNC 2018, in Edmonton.

Erykah Brown, one of the participants, said, "As a past competitor, my favourite part of ESYF 2018 was having the opportunity to see the competition from the outside looking in. It allowed me to fully appreciate what Skills Canada does."
A full report of their experience and recommendations will be presented to the Skills/Compétences Canada Board of Directors later this year. Their feedback will also be shared in an upcoming e-newsletter.
National Alumni Committee Make Their Debut at SCNC 2018
Skills/Compétences Canada's National Alumni Committee (NAC) held their first meeting in Edmonton during the Skills Canada National Competition (SCNC). The Committee is comprised of a member from each province and territory, and was created to assist the Alumni Associations across Canada by helping them meet the needs and interests of their Member Organizations.
During their time at SCNC, they discussed and reviewed best practices, visions, strategic plans, recruitment, social media, skills events and more. Their main goal is to help Skills Canada succeed in promoting skilled trades and technologies to youth across Canada. NAC is the bridge of communication between the Skills Canada Alumni, Alumni Associations, Member Organizations and Skills/Compétences Canada (SCC). How can the Alumni Associations and the Member Organizations keep SCC Alumni engaged in their programs and activities? SCC Alumni have much to offer, and it is important to keep them involved to help inspire Canadian youth to follow in their footsteps and to learn from their career journeys.

The National Alumni Committee strike a pose on the stage with John Oates, President of Skills/Compétences Canada and Shaun Thorson, CEO of Skills/Compétences Canada.

The Committee also actively participated in the promotion of skilled trades and technologies through social media, videos and meetings during SCNC. This included a discussion with M.P. Peter Schiefke, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister (Youth), about how Skills Canada Competitions have impacted and changed their lives, and how to ensure that other young Canadians are given the same opportunities.

NAC's ultimate goal is supporting the provincial and territorial Alumni Associations through best practices, industry connections, exposure, incentives and volunteer opportunities!
Celebrate World Youth Skills Day 2018 by Tuning in to SCC's Turf Wars Mini-Series!

Skills/Compétences Canada was very proud to participate in World Youth Skills Day (WYSD), which was on July 15, 2018. World Youth Skills Day began in 2014 and it highlights the importance of developing skills in youth.

WYSD was created to raise awareness of the importance of acquiring skills as a means to address the challenges of unemployment and under employment, and as a way to improve socio-economic conditions for youth around the globe. The second objective of WYSD is to generate greater awareness of the importance of technical and vocational education, as well as training and development of the skills relevant to local and global economies. For more information, click here .

To highlight this day, Skills/Compétences Canada shared a variety of terrific content, including the launch of the Skills Canada: Turf Wars! mini-series. Be sure to watch Sundays at 7 pm ET on our YouTube channel. Skills Canada: Turf Wars! is hosted by Carson Arthur, international landscape designer and HGTV celebrity , and it documents the intense landscape gardening competition during SCNC 2017, in Winnipeg. We hope you tune in and enjoy the show! Read the press release .
Watch the trailer for this mini-series.

Join us in celebrating this day by using #SkillsChangeLives, #WYSD and #SkillsForAll, the official hashtags for that day, to join WorldSkills, the United Nations and Skills/Compétences Canada to promote this important campaign!

Visit SCC's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for the latest World Youth Skills Day updates.
Upcoming Events

SCC Launches their Second ES Back to School Campaign to Highlight Essential Skills Day
It will soon be that time again when parents, teachers and counsellors are preparing our young Canadians to go back to the classroom. Skills/Compétences Canada's Back to School campaign brings awareness to individuals about developing and maintaining high level Essential Skills. Good Essential Skills make for successful students and successful future employees. Click here for Essential Skills resources.
How do students use Essential Skills? 

Document Use - interpreting course schedules
Reading Text - understanding course descriptions
Thinking Skills - including job task planning & organization to help students sort their school demands with work schedules
Continuous Learning - ensuring students are continuously learning in all facets of life, at school, at their jobs, and in life. This is also the theme for the 2019 Skills Canada National Competition.

Help us celebrate Essential Skills Day on September 20, 2018 and let us know how you use your Essential Skills by using #essentialskills. Follow Skills Canada on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram to learn more about this campaign.
Thursday, September 20, 2018 is the ninth annual Essential Skills day. We celebrate Essential Skills day in order to raise awareness about the importance of workplace literacy and Essential Skills training. The Government of Canada has identified nine Essential Skills needed for workplace success. These skills are used in every job to varying degrees and at different levels of complexity. They provide the foundation for learning all other skills and enable people to evolve with their jobs and adapt to workplace change.
Visit to learn more about Essential Skills.
National Skilled Trades and Technology Week (NSTTW) 
November 4 -11, 2018
Skills/Compétences Canada (SCC) and its Member Organizations will be hosting events to raise awareness of skilled trade and technology careers to parents, youth and educators. This is an opportunity for organizations across Canada, industry, education, labour, government, associations and educational institutions, to get involved in promoting skilled trade and technology opportunities to youth through interactive activities.

A list of activities happening in each province and territory will be available shortly at . To obtain more information about these activities, please contact your provincial/territorial office.

SCC will be hosting the official launch of NSTTW on Tuesday, November 6, at the Halifax Convention Centre , in Halifax, Nova Scotia. More information will be available over the coming weeks at

If you are interested in partnering with us for NSTTW 2018, please contact Gail Vent at   
Get Ready for the 2019 Skills Canada National Competition - Halifax, NS
The countdown is on for next year's Skills Canada National Competition, (SCNC) which will take place May 27-30, 2019, at the Halifax Exhibition Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
2019 marks the 25th year of the Skills Canada National Competition. Through SCNC, Skills/Compétences Canada promotes skilled trade and technology careers to Canadian youth. The Skills Canada National Competition is our flagship event and is an ideal way to connect with tomorrow's workforce!

SCNC will bring in approximately 7,500 student visitors to experience over 50 Try-A-Trade® and Technology activities during the two days of competition, May 28 and 29. It is a free event and open to the public, come join us!

To stay up to date with SCNC Halifax 2019, go to:
Follow our Journey to Kazan for the World's Largest Skills Competition!

Every two years, the WorldSkills Competition represents the best of international excellence in skilled trades and technologies. 2019 will mark the first time that Russia is hosting the WorldSkills Competition. From August 22-27, 2019, young competitors from around the globe will gather at the Kazan Expo International Exhibition Centre for the 45th WorldSkills Competition, with the goal of earning the title of world champion in their skill area.

These competitors represent the best of their peers and have earned a spot on their country's team through dedication and hard work. At the WorldSkills Competition, competitors will participate in simulated real work challenges, and will be judged against international quality standards.
About WorldSkills Kazan 2019 :
More than 1,300 competitors from up to 79 Member countries and regions will compete in over 50 skill areas representing six sectors:
  • Manufacturing and Engineering Technology
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Construction and Building Technology
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Creative Arts and Fashion
  • Social and Personal Services 
The Competition takes place in front of approximately 150,000 spectators in over 800,000 square feet of space in a newly constructed building.
The WorldSkills Competition inspires youth to discover the many careers that are available in the skilled trade and technology sectors. With an increasing demand for skilled workers, the trade and technology sectors represent a lucrative and exciting career path for youth around the world.
Throughout the Competition, stakeholders from industry, government, and education are provided with the opportunity to exchange information and best practices regarding industry and professional education at networking events and thought-provoking conferences.
The event slogan is "Skills for the Future", which is also the official Competition hashtag: #skillsforthefuture.

For more information, visit:
About WorldSkills Team Canada 2019:
This year represented a qualifying year for the 45th WorldSkills Competition, in Kazan, Russia. At the 2018 Skills Canada National Competition, the two highest ranking age eligible participants in identified Skill Areas were selected to participate in the next stage of the WorldSkills Team Canada Selection Process. They will participate in various training activities and a mental preparation program between September and May 2018. These two candidates will participate in a WorldSkills Team Canada Selection Event that will coincide with SCNC 2019. The winners from this selection event will be named to WorldSkills Team Canada 2019 and will represent Canada at WorldSkills Kazan 2019.
Click here for more information.
In dustry News and Stories
Indigenous Students get First-Hand Experience at Skills Canada National Competition
From a small coal mining town in rural Alberta, a group of Indigenous students were given an opportunity to try a variety of trade and technology activities during the Skills Canada National Competition (SCNC), on June 4.
Sponsored by UA Canada, this program brought 18 Indigenous students from Grande Cache Community High School (GCCHS), a 450 km trek from the small rocky mountain town to the big city of Edmonton, Alberta. Grande Cache is a trade-oriented town, with the largest Indigenous student population in its district. Many students in the program previously had goals of entering the trades. However, initiatives such as this help to show the broad range of career options available to them. Jackie Mines, Principal of GCCHS, hopes that more exposure to the trades will mean more students will choose to stay in the community after they graduate.
Student Robert Gienger, said, "This is going to give me an understanding of what I need to do, and where I can go from here. Building and fixing machinery is kind of a necessity in Grande Cache, and there's not a whole lot of that where I'm from."

Students from Grande Cache Community High School visit the 2018 Skills Canada National Competition, in Edmonton.

UA Canada; the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters is a very proud sponsor of the Indigenous Student program, understanding that opportunities such as this are crucial to students in helping them explore and realize the potential a career in the trades can have. The piping industry is involved in almost every aspect of construction, and having students participate in Try-A-Trade® and Technology activities shows them how exciting and diverse a career in the piping trades can be. Students spent hours exploring and learning, becoming excited to enter a career in the trades. What started out as a group of shy students not quite sure what to expect turned into their supervisor having a hard time getting them to leave!
UA Canada hosted a pizza party for the GCCHS students, as well as UA Canada and Skills/Compétences Canada representatives, Skills Canada Alumni and special guests, Kate Campbell, Paul Lafrance, Sherry Holmes and Mandy Rennehan. It was an opportunity for the students to meet industry celebrities one on one, and a chance to interact with everyone who helped put this trip together.
We are so thankful that the students from Grande Cache had a great experience at the Skills Canada National Competition. We hope to see a few of them compete next year at SCNC 2019, in Halifax!
Contributed by: UA
Welding is for Everyone: Newcomers Experience Welding at Saint John, NB, at Mind Over Metal Camp

Twenty newcomers to Canada between the ages of 11-17 tried their hands at welding during the CWB Welding Foundation Mind Over Metal camp in Saint John, New Brunswick. This camp was held at Harbour View High School, June 25-29, 2018. The group of newcomers included boys and girls and focused on introducing them to the trade in a safe and encouraging environment.

"It was a great opportunity for students from many different backgrounds to come together and learn a new skill," said Andrew Clarke, welding instructor, Harbour View High School. "It was great to see the enthusiasm and eagerness for learning new skills. I am very thankful for all the support that I received from the Anglophone South School District, the YMCA newcomers' connection and the CWB Welding Foundation. They made this possible."

Many of the female students came from countries where prospects like this were not provided to them. They were able to build self-confidence and pride in a trade where there are many career opportunities available to them.

Clarke ensured all participants were considered when executing the camp. He ensured that girls within the community knew they were invited to attend the camp, and that it wasn't just for boys. Special care was taken in ordering culturally appropriate food, and everyone was able to enjoy all aspects of the camp. CWB Welding Foundation prioritizes equal opportunity for newcomers, women, at risk youth, Indigenous, disabled, and disadvantaged.

This camp was one of about 84 camps scheduled for 2018 across Canada, with many camps focusing on Indigenous youth, women, at risk youth, and newcomers.

Contributed by: CWB Foundation

Rashad Ali, Gold Medal Winner in CNC Machining at SCNC 2018, Talks about his Inspiring Journey with Skills Competitions
Manufacturing was always in Rashad Ali's blood. He was introduced to this trade at a young age by his mentor: his dad, who worked in a manufacturing facility and took him there during the 'take your kid to work' days. This allowed Rashad to see first-hand how the manufacturing process works and the role that CNC machining plays. Rashad became increasingly interested in metal working when he was in high school. After doing extensive research on future career paths, he found that there were plenty of jobs in the manufacturing industry that paid well. When he graduated high school he enthusiastically enrolled in a CNC machinist course at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), where his instructors helped him set a solid foundation as a CNC Machinist.

Rashad is sporting his gold medal following the SCNC 2018 Closing Ceremony.
One day, the chief instructor at BCIT offered him the chance to compete at a Skills Canada British Columbia Provincial Competition. It was an opportunity he couldn't pass up. Following his victory at the Provincial Competition, Rashad qualified to compete at the 2018 Skills Canada National Competit ion (SCNC), in Edmonton. The experience of competing and meeting competitors in CNC Machining from across Canada was what he valued most. Ras had explains that the amount of pressure and tight time constraints really helped him develop his skills as a machinist. At the Closing Awards Ceremony following the competition, Rashad stood on the podium and was awarded the gold medal.

Rashad is currently a CNC Machinist apprentice at Modern Engineering Ltd. He's planning on pursuing this career path in the future and hopes to earn his Red Seal Certification. His advice to youth when choosing a career path is to do your research before diving into a profession. Try to figure out what you're good at and once you've made your choice, stick with it.
In-House Solutions Proud to Support SCNC 2018   
In-House Solutions is proud to be a multi-year supplier of the Skills Canada National Competition. Dedicated to educating and inspiring the next generation of leaders in manufacturing, engineering and robotics, In-House Solutions has been a supporter of Skills Competitions across Canada for the past 17 years.

Specializing in CAD/CAM, DNC, Portable CMM and robotic programming software solutions, the company is committed to providing educational and hands-on opportunities to the leaders of tomorrow. They author Mastercam curriculum for students with instructor kits for educators and offer co-op placements to post-secondary students looking for real-life experience in manufacturing. The Mastercam Educational Suite, based on the world's No. 1-ranked CAM system, is a comprehensive package that contains everything students need to learn about machining methods.

In-House Solutions is thrilled to support the efforts of Skills/Compétences Canada by volunteering to judge and assist during special events, and by providing Mastercam software and laptops to students participating in CAM and CNC competitions.

The year 2018 marks 30 years of In-House Solutions serving the Canadian CNC Machining and Robotics industries in Canada.

Contributed by: Tracy Bithell, In-House Solutions
Ricoh and Skills/Compétences Canada #WorkSmarter
Ricoh was proud to partner with Skills Canada at the 24th Skills Canada National Competition, in collaboration with Skills Canada Alberta. As a technology company, it was a natural fit for Ricoh to team up for an event dedicated to raising awareness and encouraging the discovery of skilled trades and technology careers to Canadian youth.
Ricoh supported the June event by providing technology that powered the competition, as well as the Provincial Skills Canada Competition hosted by Skills Canada Alberta. Ricoh helps empower digital workplaces using innovative technologies and services, to enable teams to work faster and smarter.
"Ricoh helped ensure that our competitors and committee members had top-notch resources to support their success, as well as the success of Skills Canada Alberta," saidMike Sury, Manager of Programming and Resource Relations for Skills Canada Alberta.
To learn more about Ricoh, visit
Contributed by:
Kodiak Supports WorldSkills Team Canada 2019 as their Official Sponsor
Generations of Canadians depend on KODIAK® for hard-working durability and unparalleled protection on the job. As part of our mandate to support and educate the next generation of skilled tradespeople on the importance of safety footwear, KODIAK® is proud to be an Official Sponsor of WorldSkills Team Canada 2019.  Good luck at WorldSkills Kazan 2019 !

Contributed by:

SCNC 2019 Presenting Sponsor  
SCNC 2019 Youth Engagement Sponsor
SCNC 2019 Premier Sponsor

SCNC 2019 Official Sponsors

SCNC 2019 Supporting Sponsors 

Try-A-Trade® and Technology Partners
Multi-Year Suppliers

Click here for a list of all sponsors and suppliers for SCNC Edmonton 2018.  
Click here for a list of all sponsors and suppliers for WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017.
Views or opinions of contributors presented in this e-newsletter do not necessarily represent the position of Skills/Compétences Canada.