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March 2015

Spring is just around the corner. The sun is shining. The snow is melting. And, hopefully, everyone has recovered from the time change and recuperated from the one hour of lost sleep.

There are a lot of new things going on at Lissa's Natural Skin Care this month:
Make sure you pick up a customer loyalty card at your next appointment so you can earn a free facial.

Also, for your convenience, and my sanity, there is a new credit card system that is much quicker and more efficient. I can now take all major credit cards. Next month I will have VIP offers and will let you know more about the program once it is up and running.

New products available include:
Handmade Organic bar soaps for shower and bath in a variety of styles and scents - $3.00 - $6.00
Coconut Cleansing bars - a soap-free cleanser for sensitive skin - $6.00 for a package of 3
Toxin-free handmade mineral makeup - Sheer shimmer-finish in light, medium and dark. $18.00

Coming soon:

Matte finish mineral makeup in Fair, Medium-fair, and Medium Mocha - $18
Sheer shimmer-finish in light-olive, medium-olive, and dark-olive.
Blush and eye shadows

Spring is a very inspiring season. It is my favorite time of the year to try new things. There will be a lot of new products during spring and summer. Schedule your next appointment and come in to see what's new on the shelves at Lissa's Natural Skin Care.

In-house Half-Price Body Treatments

Now is a great time to try a body treatment for half-price. Retail price for a targeted body treatment, ranges from $30-$60.00. Retail price for a full body treatment is $90.00. Full-body and targeted treatments include scrubs, wraps and relaxation massage. These treatments can alleviate the effects of anxiety and stress, relieve dry and itchy skin, soothe aching joints and muscles, lessen the appearance of cellulite, firm the skin, and nourish and detoxify the body. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please contact me at 330-402-1258, or book it online. See you soon!


A Note about online booking


If you would like to book your appointments online at, please allow 30-60 minutes between your appointment and the appointment immediately following. If you are booking a 60 minute service, please allow me an hour between appointments so that I have time to answer any questions, address concerns, or to provide client and product consultation. If you are booking a 90 minute service, please allow for 30 minutes between appointments.

I pride myself on taking time with each individual client to address specific needs. If appointments are booked back-to-back, with no down-time, I will be rushing you out the door so that I can prepare for my next client. I do not want my clients to feel as if they are on an assembly line. You are all very important to me and I need the time to treat you as such.


In-house Custom Facial Package Deal


Purchase a package of three custom facials at regular price ($180.00) and get the fourth custom facial free!

Retail value: $240.00

This package can not be purchased through online booking. Please call for more information or to schedule your appointment for the facial package deal.


A note about offers


I have placed offers on, as an introductory offer, in order to grow my client base, and to attract new clients. Although these specials run continuously, there is a limit on the number of groupons that can be purchased.

Therefore, these offers are available to new clients only. They are limited to two Groupons per client, total, not per month, or per offer.

You may purchase one for yourself and one as a gift. You may also receive one as gift. Please do not exceed the specified limit.

Unfortunately, there are those who take advantage of these offers and continue to purchase groupons one after another. I can no longer accept groupons that have exceeded the allowable limit.

I run a private business and cannot continue to give my services away as this is how I make my living. Please be considerate. Once you have purchased a groupon you are considered an established client and are only eligible for in-house specials. Thank you for your cooperation.

The following recipes are from Organic Body Care Recipes by Stephanie Tourles.

Sesame Shea Buttery Body Oil
This recipe is for dry and normal skin.
5 tablespoons sesame base oil
3 tablespoons shea butter
10 drops each of the following essential oils:
cardamom; ginger; sweet orange
In the top of a double boiler, over low heat, warm the sesame oil and shea butter until the shea butter is just melted. Remove from heat and gently stir for 1 minute to blend ingredients, then allow the mixture to cool to body temperature. Add the essential oils and stir again.
Pour into a storage container and allow to cool completely. Cap with tight fitting lid.
To use:
Apply immediately following a bath or shower, while your skin is still damp. Massage in well. Use one teaspoon at a time.


 Basic Milk Bath


All skin types. For oily skin, omit oil.

1/2 cup powdered whole milk

1 tablespoon apricot kernel, jojoba,

sunflower, or favorite base oil

10 drops Roman chamomile, lavender,

geranium, or rosemary (chemotype verbenon)

essential oil (optional)


Pour powdered milk and the base oil together directly under running bath water. Add the essential oil (if desired) immediately before stepping into the tub. Swish the water with your hands to mix.


To use:

Submerse your entire body in this moisturizing bath for 20 - 30 minutes.



Foot Refresher

Tired, achy, swollen feet

Foot tub

1/2 cup Epsom salt

5-10 drops of lemon, tangerine, peppermint, spearmint, rosemary (chemotype verbenon), juniper, or eucalyptus radiate essential oil.

Place Epsom salt and essential oil of choice into the foot tub with enough comfortably hot or cold-as-you-can-stand water to cover your feet and ankles. Swish with feet to blend. Next, add enough marbles to almost cover the bottom of the tub.

To use:

Soak feet for 15-20 minutes while gently rolling them back and forth over themarbles. Occasionally, grasp and release marbles with toes. This action stretches and relaxes the feet. Roughly rub feet dry and apply a soothing lotion mixed with a few drops of one of the chosen essential oils.

Nourishing Oil


All skin types, including oily

3 tablespoons sesame seed oil

1 tablespoon each of the following base oils:

almond, extra-virgin olive, avocado, macadamia nut,

and apricot kernel

2 large vitamin E capsules

Combine all ingredients in a dark bottle with a tight-fitting lid. Shake vigorously. Will keep at room temperature for 6 months, and up to a year in the refrigerator.

To use:

Add 2 teaspoons to running bath water, or, apply as body oil following a shower.

Floral Oil


All skin types, including oily


1 cup jojoba

20 drops each of the following essential oils:

rose otto; lavender; geranium; ylang ylang

Combine all ingredients in a dark bottle with a tight-fitting lid. Shake well to blend. Keep at room temperature. Will harden if kept in a cool location. To soften, leave at room temperature for one hour. This will not affect the integrity of the product. Use within 2 years.

To use:

Add 2 teaspoons to running bath water. Or apply directly to the body after showering.

Relaxing Oil


All skin types, including oily


1 cup jojoba

40 drops Roman chamomile essential oil

40 drops ylang ylang

Combine all ingredients in a dark bottle with a tight-fitting lid. Shake well to blend. Refrigeration is not required. Will keep at room temperature for up to two years.

To use:

Add 2 teaspoons to running bath water. Or apply directly to the body after showering.