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Sp ecial Treatment for Intimate areas focusing on Bikini & Underarms to eliminate unsightly discoloration, embarrassing bumps and redness/irritation 
Free Bikini Brite Peel!
Get A free peel with the purchase of a post take home kit for Only $165 ($215 Value)
Kit includes:  undefined

* Hoo Haa Cleanser
* Hoo Haa Lotion
* Bikini Bottom
* Arnica Calming Gel
* AHA/BHA Masque

Intimate Brite Peel Only  $59-$99 (up to $165 Value)
Schedule  and appointment for consultation  

For the Intimate Brightening Trio Kit Only $89 
Hoo Haa Cleasner 
Hoo Haa Lotion
Bikini Bottom


 Non-Chemical Peel Skin Rejuvenation
Also known as Facial Infusion this non-chemical peel works by penetrating several high-dose active ingredients to enhance results for all conditions. Rejuvenate your skin generating a 30-day collagen production increase!
50 min ($125 Value)
ONLY $59 
Add on Mini Micro for only $15


Isomer Peel System
A peel treatment and home care regimen kit 
(pre and post skincare products)
designed to combat imperfections such as
*Sun Damge
*Reduce Pore Size
*Acne Conditions
*Safe on All Skin Types
Only 1 to 3 Treatments for best Results!
$250 (including the peel with pre and post products)


Non Surgical Face-lift
Using micro-current, which is the most effective non surgical method for a face lift to improve muscle tone, diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, improve elasticity and circulation. Most see results in ONE SESSION! Recommend 3 to 12 sessions
Try 1 Session for Only $55

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