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Welcome to the FIRST ever Sky Bar email. We promised to give you all the gory details and here we go:
Well, everything about this story is so far. Who knows what will transpire next? This company was created specifically to rescue Sky Bar and it's goal is to get the candy bar out to you, the Sky Bar community.
Last September, we wound up the proud owners of the Sky Bar brand as a result of a last ditch auction of the remaining NECCO assets. Every other brand had been claimed (possibly not Mary Jane, we cannot find out where that brand landed) and Sky Bar alone was up for sale along with bits and pieces of equipment, being handled by an equipment auctioneer. 
How could this have happened? Such an iconic candy bar with so much history and so beloved? Well it turns out that back when Sky Bar was invented there were numerous candy bars and it was a real heyday for confectionery. In 1938 people believed that candy bars had so much nutritional value that they often ate the bars as meal substitutes, especially when money was tight. Nowadays we still eat snack bars but we choose bars that emphasize healthier ingredients. However, there is still a place for nostalgia and treats! Sky Bar weathered many storms and many changes in tastes and perceptions. What happened to all the others? They just gradually disappeared. Sky Bar was set to do the same. Instead, it will be the ONLY NECCO product to continue to be produced in Massachusetts. In fact, if you research the other fine confections that have gone away, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that the same would have happened to Sky Bar!
Since last September when the bar became ours, we have been working with an industry expert called Jeff Green. He headed up the candy business at NECCO and is a wealth of knowledge and creativity.
So where are we now? Well we just landed an amazing space to make Sky Bar: it's a lovely retail store in Sudbury, MA and it is right next door to our existing store - Duck Soup. We just ordered the equipment and we are going to the town building inspector with our build-out plan. It's all a bit unreal and I certainly feel the weight of responsibility to all of you Sky Bar fans. Stay tuned as we take this journey into the unknown.
 And wish us luck!

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