SkyBar Confectionary Co.

365 Boston Post Rd

Sudbury, MA 01776


And we are off to the races. Three extremely talented team members meet in Duck Soup to review architectural plans for Sky Bar's location. Left to right: Farouk Youssef, architect, Jeff Green, expert confectioner and keeper of all things NECCO, Rick Heim, general contractor.

There was a lot to demolish in converting a former clothing store to a chocolate paradise!! Not to mention taking up the floor tiles and dealing with very sticky adhesive.
But it's done, plans approved, building permit in hand, floor tiles gone and walls framed. Next up: electrician and plumber.
This view is looking back from the retail area to manufacturing.


The original Sky Bar says
"NECCO" 4 times down the middle of the bar. That name doesn't belong to us, so we decided on this, using the font from the original 1938 Sky Bar wrapper. (This is an artists rendering, NOT a real bar, sorry, none yet.)

 So that's the scoop for now! 
Thank you for your interest and support.
Happy Passover and Easter to all of you who celebrate them.
 As always, wishing you and yours all the very best.
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