The past 10 days have been the most exciting yet as our message and ground game continue to grow exponentially by the day!

One of the most exciting days for Virginia Conservatives took place just last weekend in Fauquier County at the Liberty Farm Festival right here in our district where leaders throughout the commonwealth gathered to tout their respective messages of small government and leading this nation in a new direction. Our next Vice-President Mike Pence even stopped by declaring that the Presidential race is in a dead heat both nationally, and in Virginia!

Aside from this, my opponent is appearing to switch gears on her approach by taking a note from our platform issue of bringing back jobs and boosting the economy. Suddenly, she appears to realize that free-internet is not the solution that we need. While we are happy to educate her campaign on the needs of the 5th district, it is imperative that we do not elect someone who is so out of touch with the needs of Virginia and specifically, our district.

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Tom in the News

Fifth District Hopefuls Talk Priorities, Plans

“The planning process was going to be long and arduous,” Dittmar said (with regard to losing Deschutes Brewery).

Garrett countered by saying stimulating economic development will be an arduous process and we do not need Representatives who run from those challenges.

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Pence, Kaine Campaign in Virginia

"There may be things that you wish you knew about Mr. Trump, but I know all I need to know about Hillary Clinton,” Sen. Tom Garrett, R-Va., said.

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Tom Garrett Makes His Case for the Election

Tom Garrett, the Republican candidate for the Fifth District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives made his case for election on Good Day Virginia this morning.

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5th District Candidate Swings Through

Thomas Garrett Jr. of Buckingham, the 5th District GOP nominee seeking to fill the congressional seat currently held by Robert Hurt, campaigned in South Boston Tuesday afternoon at Spare Times Grill where he held a “meet and greet” open to the public from 4 to 6 p.m.

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Pence at Liberty Farm: We are in a Dead Heat in Virginia

Mike Pence stirred up a crowd Saturday afternoon in a Fauquier farm field with a campaign speech that ripped into Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for ethical lapses and bad judgment as secretary of state.

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Pictures from the Campaign Trail
Former 5th District Congressman Virgil Goode spent the day introducing Tom to local businesses throughout Franklin County on September 13. Pictured is the duo at The Hub restaurant in Rocky Mount, VA.
Tom talks career and technical education development with the Virginia Technical Institute Director in Altavista, Virginia on September 13.
Pictured with Tom is Mr. Harrell of Harrell Trucking during Tom's recent visit to South Boston.
Tom addresses the Rotary Club at a luncheon in Altavista, Virginia on September 13.
Team Garrett was out in full force for the Liberty Farm Festival in Fauquier County on September 10.
Pictured is Tom touring Garnier-Thiebaut Inc in Halifax County.
Tom also spent Friday afternoon on a mini media tour to meet local editors. Pictured is Senator Garrett with staff from the Times Virginian in Appomattox.
Tom addresses the Fluvanna County Rotary Club in September.
Senator Garrett's Chief of Staff Kevin Reynolds and Campaign Manager Zach Werrell skydive into the Liberty Farm Festival event on September 10.